The Famous CRM real customer centric

Get precise forecasts Make smarter judgments using data that can be put to use.

  • Get the information you require to make more informed decisions.
  • Create unique dashboards to obtain a quick overview of your business.
  • Flowcharts and real-time reports that anyone can make and share can help you explore more.mmmmmmm
  • a pipeline analysis animation
  • Odoo CRM’s opportunity editing interface

The Famous CRM real customer centric

Less time and accomplish more

Plan out your calls, meetings, mailings, and quotes based on your sales scripts. Get all the information you require directly from the opportunity, such as website pages visited and mail received. First call, schedule a demo, make a quote, and then get a follow-up quote.

Instantaneous overview

Reviewing your performances and upcoming events is simple.
Know exactly how you stack up against your monthly goals.
Organize your work based on the following steps you have planned.

Maintain contact with your customers

Maintain contact with your customers

Real-time messaging to improve teamwork.
Get a brief rundown of the situation on your team. View the call or quote logs of your coworkers. Real-time idea and file sharing allows you to catch up on what you missed while you were away Submit a Guest Post Technology


With one click, convert sales and purchase orders into invoices and follow them through payment.


Automate the contract signing procedure.


With only one click, convert quotes into invoices that look professional.

Email Promotion

Send the appropriate message to your leads, prospects, and customers.

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