Date-based WhatsApp Chat Search

Every day, we send dozens of WhatsApp messages to friends and family. It’s a complete waste of time to scroll through all these messages in search of a single old message, file, or attachment. However, this is the only way that WhatsApp search has ever functioned. The parent company of WhatsApp, Meta, has released the feature of searching WhatsApp chat by date. If you know or have a good sense of when a message was sent, you can easily filter it out of your inbox. See below for instructions on searching for a certain date range within WhatsApp messages.

Date-based search for WhatsApp chat

The procedures are easy to follow. Be aware, though, that WhatsApp iOS users are currently the only ones who may search messages by date. Android and iPad users will soon have access to the feature, and the setup should be the same.

  • First, launch WhatsApp on your iOS device.
  • Start the chat where you wish to search for an old message by date, and then open it. You can tap the top profile owner by clicking on their name.
  • Third, a new Search tab should appear in the menu bar. One account is for business, and the other is for personal use, as shown in the screenshot below. Some other filter options, such as Audio, Video, and Pay, can be found in the latter.
  • The mobile version of Whatsapp now has a search feature. You’ll be returned to the chat window. Please select the date by tapping its symbol in the lower right corner of the screen. Scroll the wheel to the desired date, then click the Jump to Date button.

When you select a date and tap the “Jump to Date,” WhatsApp will automatically scroll through the messages to that day. It doesn’t take more than a single second at most.

Expert Recommendation: Take Notes on WhatsApp Chat and Organize Them by Date for Easy Search

Recent instructions detailed how to send your own WhatsApp messages. As such, allow me to present a clever shortcut. You can use messages to yourself as a convenient way to keep track of random thoughts and ideas that come to mind.

WhatsApp has introduced a search feature that allows users to find specific messages or notes based on the date they were sent or released. Your WhatsApp or private chat will morph into a virtual diary as a result of this.

These days, WhatsApp is used for much more than just instant chatting. Chat makes it simple to send any kind of file, including voice, video, photos, and even files. Further, in some regions, people use WhatsApp to send and receive financial transactions. Additionally, you can digitally sign PDFs and other files that have been delivered to you using WhatsApp. While all media files and documents provided or received may be viewed through the Media, Links, and Docs tab, there was no way to open the chat directly from the messages.

Whatsapp’s chatting system includes a media, link, and document sharing option.
If you remember when the file was exchanged, you can now easily search for the date within the WhatsApp chat. Or, you can check the date from the Media, Links, and Docs menu and utilize that knowledge to discover related conversations.

With WhatsApp’s new search-by-date option, users can more easily sort through their chats and find the specific messages, payments, or files they’re looking for.

The first question about WhatsApp Web is whether or not it’s possible to search for chats based on the date they were sent or received.

Sorry, but not right now. However, WhatsApp could make it available for their online app shortly.

When I use WhatsApp Search, what if there are no messages from the date I choose?

If that’s the case, WhatsApp will automatically advance to the following date. If you select the date December 1, 2021, and a message arrives on December 3, WhatsApp will read the latter of the two. This means that the next date is always used, and the preceding one is never used.

There’s a Date for You!

It’s great that WhatsApp lets you search and filter chats based on when they were sent or received. We still rely heavily on WhatsApp to send messages and files of various kinds, so this will undoubtedly aid many users.

The search-by-date feature is especially useful now that WhatsApp allows users to build and manage communities.

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