Watch Free Live TV on FireStick (Best Live TV Apps)

How to Watch Free Live TV forever on the FireStick may be found here: Home / Apps (Best Live TV Apps). In this article, I’ll show two free ways to watch live TV on your FireStick. I’ll review both official and unauthorized apps and how to install them on your Fire Stick. This piece covers all current and supported Fire TV models, including FireStick, Fire TV Cube, and others.

How to watch live tv on a Firestick

The internet today makes it simple to watch live TV channels. Most trustworthy options, including Hulu, YouTube TV, and others, are subscription services. Additionally, similar services are also restricted in several locations. But, as they say, there is always a way when there is a will. Several free apps were available for Amazon Fire TV that you may use to stream TV channels. You are not required to take the survey, subscribe, or do anything else.

And I’ll show that to you today. I’ll assist you guys in getting free cable TV-like service on your devices if you’re new to the Fire TV environment. So let’s get started without further ado. Governments and ISPs always monitor your online activity, so using your Fire TV Stick to access copyrighted content could get you into legal trouble. Your IP address,, is currently public knowledge. Purchase the finest FireStick VPN to safely hide your IP address and stream your preferred content.

I use ExpressVPN, the fastest and safest VPN on the market. It has a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and is simple to install on any device. Additionally, a refund is always available if you’re not completely happy. Besides, ExpressVPN is presently giving three extra months on its annual plan free! Here are some justifications for why you should always be using a VPN. To install and utilize the best VPN for FireStick, see this article.

How to Watch Live TV for Free on a FireStick

Live TV apps on Amazon Fire TV there are two ways to watch live TV: through official apps or rogue ones. For people in the cord-cutting movement, both ways are excellent. Each piece will be covered in full in this article, along with a brief overview, instructions for installation, and a list of the top apps.

1. Making Use Of The Best Free Live TV Apps For FireStick (Official)

Are you looking forward to legally and for free catching up on local news, on-demand movies, sports channels, and TV shows? Then, using official free streaming app services on a Fire TV Stick is your only viable alternative. This section focuses entirely on using free streaming apps from the Amazon App Store to watch live TV.

What Are Official Fire TV Stick Live Channels Apps?

You can legally watch TV channels on Fire TV by using an official live TV streaming service. Even though you might not have access to a wide range of networks, you can legally access the available channels. Channels are prevalent in official Fire TV Stick live channel apps. Similarly, they only include a small number of your preferred satellite channels. You can use the app as much as you’d want without having to pay anything, though.

There are hardly any restrictions on official free streaming service apps set by area or copyright. Additionally, you often receive upgrades for your apps, including new features, enhanced UX and performance. Additionally, official live TV app services for FireStick do not experience buffering or quality problems. Most services’ servers employ cutting-edge technology, which results in ultra-fast streaming with zero latency and HD+ video quality.

Overall, the free and official IPTV app services available through the Amazon App Store offer a dependable way to watch live TV channels.

How to Install the Official Fire TV Live App

I’ll demonstrate how to install one on your Fire Stick before giving you the rundown of the top free and official live TV apps.

1. Click the Find button on the middle-left side of the screen, next to the Main switch, on the Fire TV home page.

2. After then, click on the yellow Search tile by scrolling down.

3. A search bar with a keyboard layout would display. Enter Pluto and choose the Pluto recommendation from the list beneath the keyboard.

4. Allow Fire TV to load the results for a short while. Choose the Pluto TV tile from the search results after that.

5. The Pluto TV dashboard will then show up. The download will then start when you click the white Get button.

6. Await the download and installation to be finished.

7. When it’s finished, a notification reading “Pluto TV Ready to launch” will appear in the lower right corner of your screen.

This is how you install any official and well-known streaming app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick for free.

Top 10 Official & Free Apps to Watch Live TV Channels

1. YouTube TV

YouTube TV

Founded on August 1, 2013, by Tom Ryan, Ilya Pozin, and Nick Group, Pluto TV is owned and run by Paramount Streaming. Free live tv for Firestick With Pluto TV, you can watch thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows in addition to up to 250+ live TV channels. Pluto TV is revolutionizing the experience that TV is streamed. You are no longer required to watch traditional TV thanks to Pluto TV. You may now access all the wonderful content with a few simple clicks. You can watch the channels on your Fire TV by simply downloading the free Pluto TV app – no sign-ups, subscriptions, fees, or commitments are required. Pluto TV offers all types of TV channels, including news, sports, movies, and TV shows.

There are numerous channels for every genre, including Sky News, Bloomberg, Crime Network, Funny AF, IGN, Pro Wrestling, and many others. Additionally, you have free access to more than 1,000 movies and TV shows. You may stream channels, movies, and TV shows on Pluto TV in HD+ quality without buffering. Additionally, it provides a thorough description of every channel’s programming. It operates every day of the year, 365 days a year. Overall, it’s among Amazon’s top free live TV streaming apps.

2. Kindle News App

Kindle News App

The official Amazon News App is up next. You don’t need to download this app separately from the Amazon App Store because it comes pre-installed on all modern Fire TV devices. You may watch the well-known local news networks for free with the Amazon News App. This app offers a variety of local channels in up to 80+ US cities. Depending on your location, you can stream each one in excellent video quality without lag or temporal latency. Electronic programming guidelines are provided for each of the channels (EPGs). You can similarly configure two cities to access their regional channels. Five channel categories are available: business, politics, sports, technology, and entertainment.

You may watch the hot and trending stories worldwide on a dedicated tab for trending. The Amazon News App includes several well-liked channels, including ABC News, FOX Weather, People, CBS Sports HQ, Fox Sports, USA Today, Bloomberg TV+, and others. You may access the top local and worldwide news channels using the Amazon News App. However, watch an eye on your preferred networks in business, politics, sports, technology, and entertainment. Overall, the Amazon News App is among the top official and cost-free live TV apps available for Fire TV.

3. Tubi


Sports, local and national news, business, sports, weather, entertainment, and more are all available on Tubi’s more than 55 live channels. To stream whatever means to you the most, use Tubi, free and legal. The platform won’t let you down whether you’re watching a sporting event or local breaking news. You may use Tubi on Amazon TV devices like the Fire Stick as a guest or sign in with your Amazon account. The ultimate freedom land is where you get to land next. You can stream many channels, including Fox Sports, NFL Channel, ABC News Live, NBC News, CBC, FOX Soul, People TV, and more.

Please take note that not all countries have access to Tubi live TV channels. Only certain US states can access the service. You can utilize a virtual private network and connect it to a US server, and then you can access them. You would now have access to more than 55 channels. You may watch up to 20,000 free movies and TV shows on Tubi in addition to live TV channels. They feature one of the greatest legal and free collections of premium content, which includes timeless works like Fist of Fury.



Free live TV apps for FirestickXUMO provide free live TV channels, movies, and TV shows to engage, amuse, and educate people from all walks of life. There is just US availability for the XUMO app on Amazon Fire TV. On the platform, you may watch up to 190 free live TV channels in various categories, including news, humour, movies, sports, business, and entertainment. With so many options, XUMO prevents boredom. Every channel has an EPG available to see what’s coming next. Similarly, even with typical internet speeds, all tracks may be streamed in HD resolution. You won’t have to scratch your head while waiting for the app to load content or unstick from an ad because the XUMO app is blazing fast, even on older models of Fire TV. The UI is also extremely impressive. The average person was taken into consideration by the developers.

You can stream channels like the PGA TOUR, Stadium Sports, Eleven Sports, CBSN, NBC News, and TYT through the XUMO app, which also offers access to a vast collection of Hollywood movies, TV shows, lifestyle programs, children’s programming, family movies, and other content. What are you still holding out for? Experience the hype by downloading and installing XUMO on your Fire TV device.

5. Plex


Say goodbye to your outdated cable TV service, and hello to Plex! The Best app for live tv on Firestick Global streaming media service Plex also functions as a client-server media platform. Without needing additional hardware, money, or other gimmicks, you can watch over 250 channels on your Amazon TV with this app. The Plex TV streaming service offers a wide variety of content and is available around the clock, every day of the week. You’ll find all types of channels on Plex TV, including sports, drama, cooking, kids’ news, and action.

For you to receive individualized and dependable video news, Plex has worked with more than 190 international publishing partners who produce trusted video news, including CBS, Euronews, and the Financial Times. You may find networks like Euronews English, Galaxy TV, Reuters, Cooking Panda, FTF Sports, MMA TV, GoTraveler, and Fail Army in the Plex TV channels list, to mention a few.

In addition to channels, Plex offers on-demand access to its vast collection of more than 50,000 movies and TV shows. Your favourite content can be quickly and easily played, paused, saved, and resumed. Explore the Plex universe to see how successful it has become. The Plex app is brimming with excellent material, from live channels to movies and shows.

6. Highly Local

Highly Local

Do you like to watch local news, the weather, and other things? Live tv on Firestick The greatest free and legal app you can use is Very Local, which is available on the Amazon App Store. Using Very Local, you may watch TV channels with live programming, local news, weather, and politics. You don’t need to enter a credit card or purchase any in-app purchases to use the app; it is free. Download it, then tune in to the accessible channels. Automatic video playback, news on-demand, the most recent weather forecast, consumer news, and timely investigative articles are all elements of the Very Local app. However, the app is only accessible in the US states listed below:

The following television stations are available in the following cities: Albuquerque (KOAT), Baltimore (WBAL-TV), Birmingham (WVTM), Boston (WCVB), Burlington/Plattsburgh (WPTZ), Cincinnati (WLWT), Des Moines (KCCI), Fort Smith/Fayetteville (KHBS/KHOG), Greenville (WYFF), Jackson (WAPT), Kansas City (KMBC), Lancaster (WGAL), Louisville (WLKY), Manchester ( (WXII).

Even though the app Very Local is free, the channels have excellent audio and video quality. As a result, even with an average speed internet connection, you won’t experience any buffering. The service is also accessible 365 days a year, throughout the clock. Today, download Very Local to your Fire TV cube or FireStick to get the most local information on the weather and news in your area.

7. AnthymTV


Is the weekend coming up? Free live TV apps for Firestick You intend to make it worthwhile. If so, AnthymTV has got you covered. Another excellent app for unwinding and watching free TV stations organized by genre is AnthymTV. You may access channels inside the app from several categories, including True crime, food, home, sports, the outdoors, news, animals, travel, and more. Do you want to learn something fascinating? The AnthymTV app’s TV stations are all made to show you individualized programming. Therefore, you can spend less time looking for the ideal entertainment stream.

Channels like A&E, History, Discovery, TLC, Fox News, etc., are available on the AnthymTV app. The same goes for access to cable TV favourites, original TV series, X.PD + Live PD + Cops, and other shows. AnthymTV’s app is amazingly good. There won’t be any crashing or lagging problems. You may access the video streaming anytime and from any location, and the quality is good.

Anthem TV is reimagining the cable TV experience. You no longer need to pay a cable TV provider to watch channels, movies, TV shows, and other content. To get delighted and educated, download the AnthymTV app to your Fire TV cube or Fire Stick.

8. Channel on Roku

Channel on Roku

Next, we have the well-known Roku Channel app, which explains how to get live TV on a firestick. This is your free & premium destination to watch live television channels. The Roku Channel app lets you watch channels like NBC News Now, ABC News Live, Real America’s Voice, Hallmark Movies & More, Crime 360, OAN Plus, WeatherNation, CBC News, Nosey, and Comedy Central, to name a few. The Roku Channel lets you stream numerous TV stations from different categories like news, comedy, entertainment, lifestyle, crime, and more. There’s something for everyone on The Roku Channel app.

The perks of The Roku Channel don’t end here. Using this app, you can enjoy various free movies, TV shows, kid’s material, and other media. Additionally, you receive better-personalized material the more you watch. The Roku Channel now offers programming in Spanish, including six live channels, movies, and television shows.

A safe viewing experience, parental settings, a Continue Watching row, and other features are available in the Roku Channel app. To utilize the service to its maximum capacity, you can purchase the premium packs of Showtime, Starz, AMC+, EPIX, BET+, and Cinemax. For those who don’t want to pay for live channels, people will only become better with the entry of major corporations like Roku.

9. Light TV

Light TV

Airy TV is one of the greatest free apps you can download for Amazon Fire TV; it has no contracts, no membership fees, and no other nonsense like that – just free TV channels, movies, and TV shows. The best live tv app for firestickAiry TV was made to develop the experience around users. The Airy TV app offers hundreds of live TV channels depending on your location. There are a few channels for every category, including sports, crime, documentaries, and news. Additionally, high-definition video and sound are available on all media around the clock.

Yo u can watch channels like Racing America, Allied ESports, OPS TV, Ski TV, Giddy Up, Movie Max, World Poker Tour, TV Nuts, SciFi TV, ThailandTV, Sidewalks TV, Spartan TV, and more on Airy TV. Thanks to their EPGs, you may view the upcoming programming on all the channels. You may watch on-demand documentaries, children’s movies, Hollywood movies, TV series, cartoons, anime, and more on Airy TV in addition to television channels.

Since Airy TV strives to reach the pinnacle of the world of free entertainment, its selection is always growing. So why choose a subscription TV service when you can watch many channels for free? Today, download the app!

10. DistroTV


DistroTV is last but surely not least among the free live TV apps for Firestick. This app allows you to access various live channels, movies, TV shows, and another premium free material. You may stream up to 150 channels for free on DistroTV, with categories for news, entertainment, sports, documentaries, lifestyle, and more. Law and Crime, Kaloopy, CineLife, KweliTV, Movie Kingdom, FrightFlix, Horror Machine, Movimex, Stadium, Unbeaten, 8 MMA channels, and more are a few of the well-liked channels.

DistroTV offers channels from South Asia and India, including, but not limited to, Republic World, WION, Mirror Now, Mastiii TV, BritAsia, Zoom, Arre, Swar Shree, Channel S, Akaal Channel, and Garv Punjab. You can watch music, entertainment, and gaming channels on very few free & legal channel streaming services. However, things are different with DistroTV. On the app, some of the more well-liked genre-specific channels include Circle, Qello Concerts, LoopTV, Chive TV, VENN TV, Dot Esports, and Arcade Cloud.

Numerous free live channels are accessible on DistroTV for entertainment, movies, sports, news, business celebrities, lifestyle, music, classical shows, and desi.

2. Use FireStick’s free live TV apps to stream (Third-Party)

Want to experience the true, unrestricted potential of live TV streaming services apps? You’ll then need to use third-party apps.

Third-party apps provide you access to thousands of channels worldwide, despite their dubious legal legality.

You can tune into any well-liked TV network using free third-party streaming services apps, which include sports, comedies, movies, documentaries, and news.

As a result, I’ll discuss third-party apps in this section, including a list of the most well-known ones and instructions on installing them on your Fire TV.

Have you prepared? Without spending any more time, let’s get started.

What Are Free Live TV Apps From Third Parties?

Third-party IPTV services aren’t accessible on the Amazon App Store, unlike free official live TV apps, simply because they steal well-known TV channel links from unidentified sources.

You may watch all your preferred sports, entertainment, movie, news, and other channels for nothing by using third-party live TV apps. Unlike the official apps, you are not constrained to a particular selection of local media. Through third-party apps, you may stream countless live TV channels.

These apps are accessible on all Android smartphones as well. They also allow you to stream TV channels using third-party players like MX Player, VLC, etc. Additionally, they get upgrades the same way official apps do.

I suggest utilizing a VPN like ExpressVPN and free third-party live TV apps because there is always a danger. You won’t have to worry about anything legal if you stumble upon illegal content.

Additionally, a VPN like ExpressVPN would enable you to stream in HD+ quality because ISPs frequently impose bandwidth caps on live TV apps from third parties. Additionally, some block the entire service; more on this in the following section.

When Using Free Live TV Streaming Apps, Should You Use a VPN?

Want to know a quick response? Yes! Here is the justification:

Due to the dubious legality of third-party live-streaming apps, internet service providers frequently block them. Sadly, this means they’ll work too slowly, not to mention if they’ll ever succeed.

Your ISP’s firewall can be set up by using a VPN. Then, using such apps won’t require any compromises from you, such as enduring endless loading times, buffering, missing content, etc.

The majority of the world, including the UK, the US, Canada, etc. ISPs block access to third-party apps that may be fishy in some countries. You won’t be able to access them and enjoy a seamless free TV-watching experience without a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN.

Are Free Live TV Apps from Third Parties Safe & Legal?

Since FireStickTricks is adamantly opposed to piracy, I wish to highlight two worries: legality and safety.

Are Free Live TV Apps from Third Parties Legal?

It seems like a dream come true when third-party channel streaming apps offer free access to hundreds of premium networks. People are often hesitant to utilize them because of this.

The apps only scrap links to channels already freely free on the internet. Although the act is not dangerous, it is not entirely lawful either.

We at FireStickTricks are unable to make a judgment for you because we do not examine the links’ legality.

I advise using a VPN service like ExpressVPN to make you don’t unintentionally step into any legal pitfalls.

Are Free Live TV Apps from Third Parties Safe?

Such apps aren’t officially available on the Google Play Store because unidentified developers made them.

So, free live streaming apps almost usually have a fishy quality. These apps can access and share your data, though we can’t be certain.

Use a VPN service anytime you use such apps to keep yourself safe. Your identity and data will be kept completely secure.

How to install Up a VPN Client on a FireStick

I’ll start by walking you through the ExpressVPN installation process before I show you how to install free live TV apps on FireStick.

First, sign up for ExpressVPN HERE, which offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that you can use it for free for the first 30 days and request a full refund if you are not satisfied with the performance (which is extremely unlikely).

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