Top 9 Spotify Alternatives Everyone Should Try

What Alternative Apps Are There to Spotify? You probably already know about Spotify if you like to stream music. Despite being the largest music streaming service currently accessible, it is yet to launch in many nations. For instance, the service was just introduced to India after several years without it.

Additionally, it is offered for a fee. Although there is a free version, its sole purpose is to persuade you to pay for the premium service. To begin with, offline saves are not permitted in the free version. Additionally, the numerous commercial breaks between songs can be annoying.

It’s time you gave this premium and free Spotify alternatives some thought, especially with all the new music streaming services that have shown up in recent years. Look at this.

Top 9 Spotify Alternatives Everyone Should Try

1. LiveXLive


LiveXLive (formerly Slacker), accessible on iOS, Android, and Roku, lets you make your playlists based on the genre, artist, song, or album. It learns your preferences and makes comparable suggestions that you might find appealing. The free version features six skips per hour per station for ads in between songs. For $4 a month, the Plus version offers perks like unlimited skips and offline listening.

The premium version costs $10 per month and adds several extra features, including on-demand music playback and playlist creation to the Plus version. The premium version also comes with exclusive live streaming and other perks.

2. Apple Music

Apple Music

You can only obtain specific perks by choosing Apple Music. To begin with, it offers more exclusives than its competitors. Additionally, new music is released faster here than everywhere else. You may stream a sizable collection of 50 million songs via macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, Windows, or Android for $9.99/£9.99 per month.

Apple Music is just a little behind Spotify in songs having a huge music library. Apple is quickly catching up to the latter, which has more than 50 million users after only three years, while the former has well over 80 million.

After three months of use, Apple Songs’s music recommendations are excellent and rival those of Spotify. Even if you don’t have any immediate plans to move, you should opt for the trial version, which offers unlimited access for three months.

3. Music on YouTube

Music on YouTube

As part of their growing war effort, Google has started a full-scale offensive against established music streaming apps like Spotify. The goal of YouTube Music is to exist independently of YouTube. The former is devoted to music in general. You can find cover songs and parodies in addition to the standard music streaming. It’s the only service that offers more songs than Spotify.

Based on your prior YouTube music selections, YouTube Music produces mixtapes. They already have thorough music of your musical preferences if you frequently utilize YouTube. Sign up, choose if you want to use their premium service, and then get going immediately.

For $10 a month, the premium service offers offline listening and an ad-free experience. Songs can be played in the background, which the free version does not allow.

Using the free version is okay if you don’t want to pay anything. It surpasses Spotify’s free service, which needs to be improved in several essential features. Being a new service, YouTube Music is still in its infancy. Give out the free version first.

Although it lacks the celebrity power of other services, Soundcloud is great for up-and-coming artists and underground acts.
Although it lacks the celebrity power of other services, Soundcloud is great for up-and-coming artists and underground acts.

4. SoundCloud


SoundCloud, founded in 2007, has a collection of more than 130 million songs, podcasts, remixes, and covers. You can share your music with other users. Share your music, check out up-and-coming musicians before they become well-known, give them feedback, and join a sizable online music-loving community.

If you’re seeking mixtape raps and fresh music, SoundCloud is a good Spotify substitute. They must, however, expand their collection of original classical songs. Most of them take the shape of covers, and only some turn out to be good.

But if you’re a musician looking to gain a following, it’s best to get your music on services like Apple Music and Spotify.

5. Deezer


Deezer is accessible in 189 nations, which includes practically all of them. In terms of offering their services in more than a few countries, they are considerably ahead of their competitors. With one of its three service plans, you can access Deezer’s library of more than 35 million songs. Taylor Swift even joined them and infamously stopped using Spotify in 2014. (she has since come back). Their entry-level subscription offers higher-quality music with offline saves and unlimited skips for $9.99 a month. College students only need to enjoy $4.99 to use the premium version.

The top category is reserved for people who don’t skimp on quality. In addition to the premium version’s features, CD-quality streams are available for $19.99 per month. Once you’ve made a decision, getting started is fairly easy. Log in after registering with all the necessary information and payment information. You’re good to go!

6. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

Let’s begin with the disadvantages. Currently, it’s only accessible in the US. There has yet to be a timetable for when they will offer their services in other parts of the world, though they are working on it. Additionally, this service doesn’t provide songs with a quality higher than 192 kbps. You’ll need to go elsewhere if you want music at a higher rate. After discussing the negatives, let’s talk about their three-tiered subscription package. It will be easy for you to recognize Slacker’s plans if you’ve utilized the service before.

Only six skips are permitted every hour on the free account, and frequent ads exist. Unlimited skipping, offline playback, and an ad-free experience are available when upgrading to Pandora Plus for $4.99 per month.

On top of the benefits of Plus, you can purchase extra features like unlimited playback and create your customizable playback list for $9.99/month. The site is a strong contender for one of the best Spotify alternatives, with over 40 million songs available.

7. Prime Music on Amazon

Prime Music on Amazon

Amazon Prime has additional undervalued benefits in addition to discounts and benefits for purchasing. You first get access to Amazon Prime Video, which has a huge selection of movies, TV shows, and stand-up comedies. But many Amazon Prime users frequently need to pay more attention to the freshly announced Amazon Prime Music.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can access their music streaming service without paying any additional fees. Although it’s not among the top services available, it keeps improving. It will surely be a major player shortly with Amazon’s support.

Simple math is used. Using Amazon Prime Music is a no-brainer if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription. However, paying $12.99 monthly for its music streaming service alone is not worthwhile. Better offers are available for less money.

8. Saavn


If you’re an Indian, Saavn, accessible on the Web, iOS, and Android, can be a good paid or free alternative to Spotify. There are a few additional Indian-only music streaming services, such as Gaana and Wynk, but Saavn dominates the field. Even though this software contains many carefully selected playlists, it needs to catch up. You’ll need to create some time to make your playlists.

If you enjoy listening to old music, it gets worse. Older songs took a lot of work to find on many playlists. While there is no shortage of recent content, if you want to listen to the oldies, you’ll need to use the search box.

Unlimited streaming of ads is available in the free version. Ad-free and allowing up to 3GB of downloads, Pro Lite costs Rs. 120 per month. Purchase the Pro version if you enjoy keeping your music offline. You can get unlimited offline downloads and all the other benefits of Lite for Rs. 250 per month.

9. Tidal


Are you prepared to spend significantly more money to listen to the highest calibre of music? If the answer is yes, you’ll like everything Tidal offers. While Tidal competes with well-known juggernauts like Spotify and Apple Music by offering its basic services for $9.99 per month, its premium service is the main draw for music lovers. Songs in CD quality are available in FLAC format for $19.99 per month. This place has unmatched sound quality!

A family plan is available for both tiers and the aforementioned basic plans, which permits unrestricted access for up to five individuals. For additional information, see their website. CNET’s analysis of FLAC vs MP3 format is an interesting read if you want to learn more about FLAC and how it differs from MP3.

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