The Chrome Offline Installer: How To Use It?

It’s no secret that Chrome is the most commonly used web browser by many people online. It’s quick, safe, and dependable, with comprehensive platform support. But there’s one catch. To install and set up the browser, you must have access to the internet. This might be a major stumbling block when attempting to install numerous offline PCs. Your best bet is to make the Chrome offline installer and download it on your computer that process.

You can run potential issues with Chrome’s online installer by downloading and installing the offline installer instead.

In this article, you’ll download how to get the offline installer for Chrome on Mac, Windows, and Linux. To learn more, please continue reading below.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining download Chrome’s offline Installer

Google provides an offline Chrome installer so it can be set up even on machines without an active internet connection. If you wish to install Google Chrome on a computer that doesn’t have an Internet file, simply download the installer from the Google Chrome website and then transfer it to the target machine. Next, run the installer and follow its instructions to get the browser up and running.

Let’s dissect how to download the installer on different operating systems now.

Free Macintosh Download of Chrome’s Offline installer

Ensure sure you’re using macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later before continuing. As a result, Google Chrome may not work properly on older operating systems.

You may get the Chrome offline installer if your machine has the necessary specifications.

  • First, ensure to see if the internet is connected to your computer.
  • To access the Macintosh version of the Chrome offline installer, click here.
  • To download Chrome, click the link. If the download doesn’t start automatically, click “download Chrome manually.”
  • After the download finishes, you must move the file to the Mac, where the installation will take place. An Ethernet cable, USB flash drive, or Secure Digital (SD) card can all be used at this stage.
  • Please open the file’s installation wizard by double-clicking on it, then follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation.

For Windows PCs, you may download Chrome’s offline installer here.

It’s easy to get the Chrome offline installer for Windows. To finish the procedure, do as follows:

  • Open up a computer that can connect to the internet.
  • You can download Google’s Chrome by launching your preferred web browser and going to Google’s Chrome download page.
  • To use an alternative Chrome installer, click the “Install Chrome offline” link in the “Install Chrome offline” section.
  • A download will start as soon as you click “Download Chrome.” If the download doesn’t start, click the “download Chrome manually” link.

Then, once the download is complete, you may transfer the file to the Windows computer where you intend to install the browser. SD cards, USB drives, and Ethernet cables can all be used to make the transfer. Once the file has been transferred to the target computer, it may be opened, and the installation routine followed as usual.

Prerequisites for installing Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows

To install the Chrome browser, your computer must meet the minimum specifications listed below.

  • You’ll need a computer with an SSE3-enabled Intel Pentium 4 processor or later.
  • The operating system should be Windows 7 or later (Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.).

Chrome for Linux, Offline Installer

Here’s how to get the Chrome offline installer for Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, or Dubian:

  • Open a web browser on your Linux machine and navigate to the Google Chrome offline installer page.
  • Click “Download Chrome” down below.
  • Click the appropriate package for your Linux distribution and hit the “Accept and Install” button to begin the download.
  • If the download does not start automatically, click the “download Chrome manually” button.

Google Chrome will automatically create a repository to ensure that the browser is always running the most recent version. The command “sudo touch /etc/default/google-chrome” can be entered into the terminal to disable automatic updates.

This link will download the Chromium package for any other Linux distributions you may use. To finish the installation, open the downloaded file, click “OK,” and then “install package.”

Chrome requires a system with an SSE3-capable Intel Pentium 4 CPU, Debian 8 or later (64-bit), Ubuntu 14.04 or later, Fedora Linux 24 or later, and openSUSE 13.3 or later.

Why Won’t Chrome Download on My PC?

You may be in S mode if you can’t install Google Chrome. For safety reasons, this mode will only let you install the app from the Microsoft Office store. Disabling this mode will allow you to install apps not currently available in the Microsoft Office store. It’s important to note that once this mode is turned off, there’s no going back to it. Here’s how to disable Windows 10’s S mode:

  • Select “Update & security” from the “Settings” menu.
  • Click “Activate” to begin.
  • Press “Go to the shop” from the drop-down section next to “Go to the shop” or “Go to the shop.”
  • An onscreen confirmation should appear, indicating that you can now access and download third-party applications unavailable through the Microsoft Office store.

These are the steps you should follow to disable off S mode in Windows 11:

  • Find the app by searching for “Settings” and launch it.
  • For “Activation,” select the menu option.
  • Click “Open Store” from the “Upgrade to Windows 11 Pro” section.
  • To get it, please click the button.

It’s important to note that Windows 11 S mode does not affect Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise customers, only Windows 11 Home users. When this isn’t the case, it’s possible that other factors are to blame for your difficulties.

A computer that does not meet the required specifications is another possible cause of installation issues. There is no way around this problem other than to complete a newer, more capable computer that matches the minimum specifications.

Please be aware that no Chrome offline installers are available for iOS, Android, or ChromeOS on Google’s website.


How do you install Google Chrome from the internet?

Google Chrome can be easily installed on the internet. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Fire up your browser on a computer that can launch to the internet.

Step 2: Navigate to the Chrome web store.

Then, Step 3: Click the “Download Chrome” button. However, if the download doesn’t begin automatically, you can initiate it by clicking the “Start download manually” link.

Step 4:Open the file once the download is complete and continue with the installation as directed.

Google Chrome can be installed even if you don’t have network access.

Installing Google Chrome on a computer with an active internet connection is the only option offered by the standard installer. However, Google provides an alternate offline installer, making it easier for those who want to install it on multiple devices that do not have an active internet connection. You have to download the installer through your favourite browser, transfer it to the computer where you want to install it, and follow the onscreen instructions.

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