15 Best Apple Quicktime Alternatives You Can Try

Apple Quicktime is a multimedia framework that can handle a variety of digital video formats, sound, pictures, and interactivity. Apple Inc developed it. It supports every subject, tool, and contact option you require for your Quick Time players. It has various versions, just like other software, and each adds several additional features like recording, editing, and sharing options. This software is free to download for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is a fantastic software that supports Quicktime movie files and many other formats.

It is useful to have software that does not require you to setup a network connection to stream material. The material is simple to use and useful. Additionally, the software automatically ascertains the speed of your system’s connection before selecting the stream with the maximum quality feasible given the available bandwidth on your system. It has essential features, including an improved user interface, balancing controls, bass and treble controls, easy management, watch VR, live resizing, zero-config streaming, etc.

15 Best Apple Quicktime Alternatives You Can Try

1. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a fantastic media player with the Windows operating system that supports various video and audio file formats, provides a better user experience, and offers a variety of customizing possibilities. This software combines new features comparable to what Microsoft has already described as the official Windows Vista look based on the new system version.

In addition to other functions like digital audio extraction from a CD-Audio (WMA format with or without protection), burning music CDs and videos, tuning in to radio and TV online, etc., Windows Media Player allows you to play many kinds of multimedia files. Compared to version 10, this new edition includes several enhancements. A few functions and categories have been reorganized to improve the design specifications; the library has been modified to support online purchases of multimedia items (CDs, DVDs, etc.). You can also check Apps Like Noizz



Free 0 AIMP is a small, dependable program that uses several programmable features to play back your music and radio stations. It has a fantastic interface, and useful features sway you to keep using it. You won’t have any issues with the configuration of this application if you’re using the PC for business purposes like playing music or tunes. Additionally, you could discover unique skins for greater use. This application provides a straightforward and stage-limited setup procedure. It takes up almost no space on your hard disk and needs a small number of framework resources.

In addition to MP3, FLAC, M3U, OPUS, TTA, WMA, ACC, MAC, OGG, RMI, and WAV, it offers a list of connected components. One of its most hard features is that this application comes with a synchronized media proselyte and runs continuously in a different window. AIMP features a Playlist Manager that enables users to add their preferred selections to a list that will be saved for later use.

3. Miro


A video player for online TV channels, podcasts, and video files, Miro is a new iteration of Democracy Player. Through this application, you can sign up for free subscriptions to numerous television networks that only stream content online, video blogs, RSS feeds, and BitTorrent. You can manually add channels if you know the URL where the media emit.

If you don’t delete it or store it somewhere else, it stays on the hard drive for five days. After downloading the files, you may see the sequence. Based on its title, the search tab may locate any video file. Yahoo and Blogdigger now support searchers. Miro can play a variety of video formats, including WMV, XVID, MPEG, AVI, and QT. It features a BitTorrent client, a tool to download YouTube videos, Dailymotion videos, and much more. It also supports HD.

4. JetAudio


A player called JetAudio stands out partly because it incorporates numerous tools for multimedia files and contains an equalizer with several preset modes (rock, pop, classical, jazz, etc.). It can playback in various formats, but what supports it stand out is that it can convert audio files. Almost any form can be used to play music, including WAV, MP3, mp3PRO, WMA, RealMedia, OGG, and APE. It also contains other fascinating features, such as a tool for capturing audio input lines, a CD ripping and burning utility, and a user-friendly interface that makes compression easier.

You can encode video with it for free, but the finished sequence can only be 30 seconds long. It has media content that consists solely of conservative racks. This player can play a variety of music and video files. Additionally, it includes components for CD duplication, recording, and conversion to other record groups.

5. SPlayer


Media players such as Free 0 SPlayer can play a wide range of audio and video file formats, from well-known ones like WMA, RM, or MPG to lesser-known ones like RatDVD or IVM. It offers an easy-to-use interface that is highly effective, enabling file playback while providing the best video quality or taking good images from videos.

It also supports internet TV and streaming video, which some people use to broadcast sporting events like football games. This application not only supports subtitles, but also lets you the option to advance or time-coincide with the movie with just one click. Additionally, you can alter the text’s or the background’s format.

6. BSPlayer


One of the strongest and greatest multimedia players, Free 0 BSPlayer, is valued for its wide range of apps that allow users to watch videos in many formats and listen to various audio file types. Without sacrificing the quality of the image or sound, this outstanding player optimizes the playback of the well-known DivX format. This player is quick, dependable, and offers many useful features.

Additionally, this player lets you get in touch with the developers directly from the platform if you run into any problems. Thousands of other users can assist you on its forum, where you may also pose a query.

7. XMPlay


With the excellent audio player XMPlay, you may listen to various formats. Skins allow for complete customization of the design. MP3, WAV, MP2, WMA, M3U, PLS, and URLs with live music via the Internet are among the formats that XMPlay can reproduce. XMPlay has audio adjustment options like a five-band equalization, reverb, “surround,” volume normalization between tracks, and more. The application comes with visual plugins, music biographies, and playlists.

Although it may not be as well-known as Winamp, it nonetheless offers features on a par with that music player. You don’t need to buy it to use it, and you won’t even need to buy another tool because this one has all the features you require. Additionally, it occupies little space on your system while offering the best tools and features.

8. CorePlayer


One of the expert desktop programs for playing digital media on desktops, mobile phones, tablets, PMPs, PDAs, and other convergence devices is CorePlayer. Numerous cutting-edge and potent features, such as CorePlayer’s ultra-light storage footprint, dynamic channel support, support for over 30 languages, cross-platform compatibility across desktop and mobile, a wide range of audio, video, and image formats, and much more, are integrated into the software.

Being a next-generation media player, this one has practically all the features that are difficult to find in other players. CorePlayer is more than just a straightforward media player; it is the hub for all audio, video, and dynamic channels. The intriguing thing about CorePlayer is that it maintains its lightweight nature for all kinds of multimedia even after incorporating the expanded and powerful features.

9. Amarok


Amarok is an open-source, cross-platform media player for finding entertainment in fresh ways. The world of excellent music discovery is a new one. The most technical and sophisticated features include an audio analyzer, a smooth fade-out, UI improvements, visual modifications, various colour skins, a power management system with customizable choices, performance enhancement, and a GUI layout.

There are many integrated online services available with Amarok. Your favourite songs are now accessible because they can link to websites and get their music. You can listen to music from all genres in a fresh way thanks to the latest Last.FM suggestions, Magnatune, Echo Nest recommendations, MO3tunes, Jamendo Service, Ampache, Librivox, and OPML podcast directory.

10. Quodlibet


A music player, editor, and library manager, Quodlibet is made to play and arrange music in the best possible way. It is well recognized for its media management capabilities since, aside from playing music and media files, it allows users to make and maintain playlists using regular expressions rather than conducting manual searches every time. Even viewing and editing the tags they desire on their file is now easy for users of this tool. The fact that it supports nearly all of the industry-standard file formats makes it a universal music player, the finest of all.

Due to their primary concentration being on playing music, most modern music players can only support a few features. The supporting tools for Unicode, complex tag editing, podcasts and internet radio, Replay Gain, album art support, and all major audio formats are integrated into Quodlibet. To introduce music fans to a new world of music, there is a simple and user-friendly interface, an improved library browsing system, python-based plugins, file format support, and an integration system akin to Unix.

11. Quintessential Media Player

Quintessential Media Player

Designed for Windows operating systems, Quintessential Media Player plays audio and video files used throughout the multimedia business. This player is the master of all formats, whether it is MP3, AVI, Ogg Vorbis, or WMA. The ability of this Media Player to play CDs, DVDs, and other removable media files is one of its unexpected features, in addition to all of its additional features and supports.

It includes a solid plugin architecture that lets users customize the features to meet their needs. The list of helpful plugins also consists of an extensive language pack and the visual, playback, media library, general, tag editing, icon packs, source, library, and encoder plugins. With these features, it can play any media format, making it a universal media player.

12. QQPlayer


A powerful media player for playing all types of audio, videos, music, and movies is Free 0 QQPlayer. Users may play snapshot videos, convert videos and music, and even play 3D movies with only one click. First, as it is already integrated with practically all codec formats, it is no need to use external codec packages. Everything ought to be uninterrupted for the user to play.

This all-purpose media player lets users do a format of things, such as taking screenshots, converting any movie video to a GIF, and transforming their entire movie into thumbnails. In conclusion, QQPlayer is more than a simple media player. Instead, it serves as a source of entertainment with features well beyond those of its users.

13. Winamp


Almost 18 different languages are supported by the multiplatform and multi-format media player Winamp. This media player has a media library, playlist, music visualization, and an online community to help users with their problems. In addition to these features, Winamp also supports dozens of plugins. It belongs to the group of media players that automatically support Ogg Vorbis.

However, it also works well with various music playback formats like Mp3, MPEG-1 audio layers 2, AAC, M4A, FLAC, MOD, MDI1 WAV, and WMA. Another great aspect of this tool is its support for the gapless playback of audio files. Winamp is a media player with features that include support for playback formats, a media library database system, a system for adding album art and track tags, a podcatcher, support for media player functions, a media monitor, a remote playing system, a plugin architecture, and highly customizable skins, according to the discussion’s conclusion.

14. Banshee


Banshee is a fast media player that can play audio and music videos. In addition to desktop files, it lets users stay connected to the Internet and podcasts. It also serves as a tool for finding new music. For many different operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and others, this multi-format media player is accessible.

It also supports add-ons from third parties. There are currently dozens of plugins and extensions on the list, in addition to telepathy, alarm clock, album art writer, cover wallpaper, lyrics, live radio, stream recorder, and clutter flow. Syncing of devices, including smartphones, finding music from podcasts and even subscribing to podcasts, directly buying new music from the Amazon MP3 store, a queue tracks system, smart shuffling system, automatic cover art system, a powerful search system, the ability to create favorite smart playlists, and other technical and intuitive features are just a few of the different functionalities.

15. KMPlayer


KMPlayer, a free media player, is a multipurpose expert that excels at playing all media files thanks to its audio and video codec system. Along with frequently used Winamp plugins like the DSP and Visual plugins, it even supports 3D formats. Additionally, it has a very user-friendly interface that makes it simple to access features like screen control, pan and scan, subtitles, screen capture, and many others.

This player can also play DVD and VCD files. The infrastructure of codecs it has built-in is one of its best features. One of the greatest media players for any situation, it also supports the external codec. Additionally, supported codecs include MPEG1/2 and show.

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