Solve PUBG Mobile Login Problems!

Every game knows the PUBG mobile game is plagued with bugs and malfunctions. Most players of the mobile version of PUBG Mobile Login are sick of the problems that arise while logging in using a Facebook ID.

In a similar vein, there are numerous errors throughout this game. All of those errors and how to solve them are explained in this post.

The Problem for Logging in with the Help of Facebook ID

When logging in with a linked Facebook account, most users face login issues and can’t get back in. In addition, the problem “Authentication failed” flashes across the screen anytime a player hits a snag. Nonetheless, the net will keep flashing such a warning. In addition, the social networking site will assist in the perpetuation of the error message’s on-screen appearance.


The issue was solved via mobile after being persistent with the previous update. In addition, players can keep the same account without altering their password.

The problem Continues

If you’re having a problem with the PUBG Mobile Login game and would like help, you can log in with your Google ID. There may still be a G-play account even if the Facebook login difficulty has been fixed; otherwise, you should be all set. Even more so, individuals who have connected their accounts via Facebook until they desire PUBG to resolve the issue. The problem with the mobile game PUBG can be solved overnight. In addition, the latest update for the mobile game PUBG was released on May 7th.


The newest update for the mobile version of PUBG features engaging new content for all players. However, users are more likely to accept recently published information even if it has known bugs. After a few hours of work, you may quickly solve the login problem introduced in the latest update.

Use Google Play to PUBG Mobile Login.

When using a social media platform like Google Play or Facebook to play PUBG, this is the case whenever a match is made. Likewise, you can save your progress to the cloud for safekeeping. However, logging into the accounts will bring about the latest update and solve the issue. The prompt will show up every time they try to log in, and their account will be verified again. Occasionally, upgrading to a new game version prevents you from using your old account. If the issue persists, however, you will have to update your account.

Look at Your Game Mail

The game rules can pop up in the in-game mailbox. Further, it will prompt the players to log out of their accounts. It can be complicated to log back in. Those facing this issue can load the query from the starting screen. From there, you can access the settings and contact the support team. After arriving at that page PUBG Mobile Login, enter the account recovery phrase into the “contact us” keyword. The problem also serves as a guide for the next steps to take.

In addition, PUBG Mobile is incredibly unstable. That’s why it’s smart to separate your accounts. If you’re experiencing similar difficulties, try fixing them similarly. Following these features will help you become familiar with the benefits of membership:

The features of the PUBG Mobile Login Solution Control Panel

Information detailed stats on your last 20-50 matches directly from your player profile.

  • Recent match statistics, including averages, get totals, and other metrics for matches played within the last 10-30 games.
  • The latest numbers on firearms: Weapons data and the results of the last 30 matches are available.
  • Scoreboards: real-time competition comparisons for series with four or more matches.
  • In the BETA version of tournaments, matches and organizers can access match statistics, team and player rankings, and public leaderboards.
  • In addition, you can follow a player in the squamates or a favourite streamer to get instant updates on their matches and statistics.
  • Record matches: It’s useful for later rounds, and you can keep track of your non-standard matches’ reports.

Is there a better problem to solve PUBG Mobile Login issues?

  • The services might also be utilized for this reason.
  • Your public email address can be given out for any purpose.
  • A PUBG email address is not accessible unless you actively seek it out.
  • In only one case will you be asked for this information, and that is during the account login process.
  • Plus, it’s free


If you are marvelled to know about the PUBG Mobile Login problem, then you can easily deal with it in a short amount of time. The problem with PUBG is simple to solve. So, you can continue playing PUBG without much game in this ideal condition.

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