How to Log Out of Your Netflix Account on a Device

Netflix account allows you to remotely log out of any device, making it easy to eliminate unwanted people.

Netflix’s portability is one of its many appealing features. Are you taking a trip? You can easily solve this problem by downloading shows to watch later on your mobile phone and feeling restless when staying with the old folks. Their smart TV will allow you to log into your Account.

Because signing in is so simple, it’s easy to forget to log out after using a public computer. And all of a sudden, there are shows on your Account that you’ve never seen before, indicating that an ex or random acquaintance is squandering your subscription without your knowledge. Netflix’s Manage Access and Devices section makes it easy to log people out of their accounts.

How Does Netflix’s Device and Access manage Function?

In addition to the Android and iOS devices, the Netflix website features this function, which is titled Manage Access and Devices. It shows the Account of your Account’s settings and devices and every password logged in with your credentials. If your Account supports multiple profiles, it will also display which profile each of those devices uses.

It is crucial to understand that anyone logged in can remove another user. As a result, an ex-lover who gains access to your password and knows it could log you out and change it.

A user who has recently logged in but needs to know the password will be unable to change it. If that’s the case, log back in, change the password, and log out. It’s particularly helpful if you log into your Account from a shared computer or a hotel room and then need to remember to log out.

Removing Your Mobile Device From Your Netflix Account

  1. The Netflix mobile app should be opened, and a phone profile should be selected.
  2. To access your profile, click the picture of yourself in the upper right corner.
  3. Go to your Account and tap there.
  4. To manage your Account and connected devices, scroll down and select that access.
  5. Sign out of the Account using the device you want to remove (its location will be displayed when it is signed in).

To prevent that person from re-entering your Netflix account, you should change your password on the Account page.

How to Log Out a Device From Your Netflix Account on Desktop

To log out of your desktop device from your Netflix account, follow these steps:

  1. To log your Netflix profile, please go there now.
  2. Select the arrow next to your profile image in the top right corner and hover over it.
  3. Go to Menu & Pick Account.
  4. Select Accounts & Devices.
  5. To sign out of your connected devices, look for the one you wish to disconnect and click the corresponding button.
  6. To change your Account’s password, please visit Account again.

What was the motivation behind Netflix implementing this new function?

Over several years, it appeared that Netflix didn’t worry if people shared their passwords with non-household members. However, the corporation saw a decline in revenue and a significant loss of members in 2022.

As a means of regaining subscribers and financial footing, Netflix has begun to crack down on password sharing. If you give out your Netflix password, you won’t be breaking any laws, but you could lose access to your Account. On the other hand, Netflix’s Manage Access and Device features are designed to entice people to sign up for new, standalone profiles.

Nexflix Basic, supported by advertisements, was also developed to attract people who previously could not afford a standard Netflix account. Furthermore, thanks to the profile transfer feature, people can create a new Netflix account without losing their viewing history or suggestions.

Maintain the Safety of Your Netflix Account

Learning how to log out of Netflix on a new device should help you maintain account security and prevent unauthorized access to your Account (unless you want them to). We’ve already highlighted the importance of changing the password when each user is logged out.

Choosing a complex password is another measure you may take to protect your Account. Never save your Netflix password information in a shared browser, and make sure to log out after each session on a shared device.

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