Instazood Which Get You Real Instagram Followers?

Clients may believe that Instazood and Kicksta offer comparable services. However, that needs to be more accurate. You need to conduct research before choosing which automation technologies can aid in your Instagram growth.

How can you know which Instagram growth services to believe in when they promise to help you obtain more followers?

The significant differences between each Instagram growth service are highlighted in this guide.

Online reputation quick links: Instazood vs Kicksta

How It Operates: Dashboard And Reporting Pricing For Instazood And Kicksta
The more secure service
Online reputation update for Instazood: Instazood vs Kicksta

Reviews on Instazood

You’ll find that most reviews for “Is Instazood safe?” and “Is Instazood legit?” are conflicting. Additionally, their website has an “Instazood Reviews” page devoid of honest customer feedback. You may find actual consumer reviews on the Reddit forum and Trust Pilot. Former clients also point out that, after signing up, the service will follow “random persons” for the three-day trial. Some claim a $10 cost in addition to the free trial.

The negative reviews show that many previous clients think the service is a hoax run by Instazood. The bot is still unfollowing my following, and for those who follow me back, one client complained about how this Instazood fraud cost them, followers.

These users say that the answer to the question “Is Instazood legit?” is a resounding negative. You’ll probably get the opposite outcome if your goal is to use the service to grow your fan base.

Review of Instazood

Clients pick Kicksta over competing services for a reason. Kickstart’s track record demonstrates its reputation as a potent growth tool to acquire actual Instagram followers, unlike instazood instagram bot growth services like Instazood login. They are known for failing to give clients organic growth (or any growth at all).

Photographer Todd Pinckney responded as follows when questioned about using Kicksta for his company: “Kicksta has helped me consistently increase the number of active followers I have each month. Furthermore, throughout the past few months of using Kicksta’s services, I’ve received several queries for jobs that have come directly through their website.

Kicksta symbol

Want to increase your Instagram account naturally and get REAL followers?

Kicksta offers case studies and endorsements from pleased clients like the one in the example above. Reviews of Kicksta can be found on the following websites:

Kicksta Google Reviews Trustpilot

Clients of the installed trial will then select the targets from the dashboard, giving them access to their direct messages, comments, posts, and promotions. There isn’t a lot of material accessible to explain how it works specifically, aside from using a bot to follow, like, comment automatically, watch stories, post, and DM.

What is Kicksta’s Process?


Customers select their target Instagram accounts after signing up, and those accounts’ followers are your target market. The service will then begin favouriting posts from these followers, who are your ideal followers. Following their visit, these users will likely start following you on Instagram.

Kicksta likes roughly 30,000 photographs per month rather than focusing on automating comments and direct messages, so users can experience to see a considerable level of organic growth. This is a clever automation that can have a significant effect on your Instagram followers.

In this brief video, learn more about how Kicksta functions:

Reporting and the Dashboard

What Growth Metrics Does Instazood Use?

Clients of Instazood download get access to their statistics through the dashboard. They can monitor the following information here:

Analytics on installed Likes Followers Comments Story Views
They may determine the conversion rate and the number of followers acquired from a particular post and compare these statistics to those of comparable accounts.

Kicksta measures growth in what ways?

Users may define geographical, hashtag, and account objectives and underperforming update targets from the Kicksta dashboard to ensure that they are targeting the proper arrangements. Clients also have access to the following filters to further focus on their growth in addition to these features:

Neglect Dormant Accounts
Leave private accounts alone
Disregard New Accounts
Ignore Untrustworthy Accounts
The more sophisticated filters

Language Filter

Filters for Business Accounts by Gender (Ignore business accounts)
Foreign Language Filter Blacklist Filter
Clients can keep track of the number of followers they’ve acquired by:

Kicksta symbol

Want to increase your Instagram account naturally and get REAL followers?

What Is the Price of Instazood?

The cost of Instazood varies, with various monthly options available to potential clients:

Instagram Bot for $14.99/month – Features activity filters, auto-like/comment, and follow/unfollow methods
Tracking comments for $9.99 each month
Sends direct messages to followers and non-followers with the $14.99/month Auto Direct Message service.
For $9.99/month, you can use a post manager to create and schedule content.
$14.99 per month for manual promotion
Search Instruments for Monthly Instazood Pricing of $9.99

What is the price of Kicksta?

Clients of Kicksta have a choice between the Standard Plan and the Premium Plan:

The Standard, which costs $49 a month and offers clients access to 10 target accounts, email support, and smart filters, is best for influencers and business owners.
The greatest plan for the most growth is the Premium, which costs $99 per month. Users receive access to the Advanced Filters, Smart Filters, 40 Targets, Live Chat Support, and Premium Email Support.

Is Instazood safe? It cannot be said to be safe in the end.

A growth service shouldn’t be trusted to manage your Instagram if it actively works to reduce your follower count. Customers are advised by Instazood’s support to look for their problem in the Help Center or to create a support ticket. Instead, Kicksta ensures clients receive genuinely they don’t risk their safety or the brand’s reputation.

Kicksta also provides customer assistance via email and chat around the clock, as well as video tutorials and a FAQ, to help you optimize your Instagram marketing efforts and ensure sure you are focusing on the proper accounts.

Want to experience this natural growth for yourself?

InstaZood appears to have stopped functioning as of October 2022. The Instazood website has undergone a complete makeover and is now completely service-free. You can find articles and tutorials on the website for several social networking platforms, marketing subjects, cryptology, and more.

Homepage of the installed growth service as of October 2022
As a result, if you’re still seeking an Instagram growth service, you should stick to Kicksta and other alternatives to Instazood.

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