How to Find Someone on Instagram by Email [2022]

Sometimes all we have is an email address, yet we need to find someone on Instagram. Seeing someone’s Instagram by email is a fast and simple option, whether you’re hoping to get in touch with a long-lost pal, form a new business partnership, or find your insatiable curiosity.

How to Find Someone on Instagram by Email [2022]

Step 1: search for them on Instagram by email if you don’t know their handle

Using a people search engine, you can quickly zero in on the specific Instagram person you’re searching for with merely their email address. A name, rough address, or phone number are all helpful pieces of information to have.


It’s hard to find a better people search tool than BeenVerified. BeenVerified is a website that allows you to find someone’s Instagram handle using only their email address. The site’s database contains millions of profiles. You can use BeenVerified to search for other social media accounts associated with the person, as the service focuses on searching for digital footprints.

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Search friends and family on social networks geared toward people 55 and up.

You can also use to search if you know an information’s name, phone number, or address.

BeenVerified’s data extraction and report generation processes might be time-consuming.


The price and information of results from different Spokeo People search engines can vary. After a failed attempt with BeenVerified, you can try your luck with Spokeo. You can find someone’s Instagram and contact information, other social sites, family members, and more by doing a reverse email lookup with Spokeo.

Go to and do an email address search.

  • Spokeo will search its database and find the information you need. It will cost you $0.95 to view the report just once.

We suggest signing up for a free 7-day trial subscription to get all their features, including unlimited searching. If you do not want to keep the service, cancel it before you are charged.

Catfish, a Social Fish

We at Social Catfish are an online dating investigation service that focuses on locating social media accounts. When you type in an email address and find the search button, you’ll be sent to the Instagram account (and other social networks) associated with that address. You can even do a reverse image search with Social Catfish. When tracking a specific person on social media, it outperforms even Google.

Instagram by email Tip No. 2: sync Your Contacts

If you know someone’s number, you can use Instagram to add them by adding it to your contacts and enabling a search. Remember that nothing is guaranteed. Users are urged to link their phone numbers to foster closer relationships on Instagram with loved people, but doing so is optional and only sometimes practised.

  • Put their number in your address book.
  • The Instagram profile page can be accessed by opening the app. In the upper right, you’ll see a button with three lines.
  • Go to Menu > Find New people.
  • To sync your phone’s contacts, select the Tab Connect option. After that’s done, Instagram will show accounts connected to your contacts.

Your Facebook account can also be connected. If you and a buddy link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, Instagram will show all of your friend’s Instagram accounts to you.

Try #3: Sending an email to a Facebook search

It is well knowledge that Instagram does not enable a user to search for another user by entering their email address. You can, however, use Facebook’s search function to get around this.

Using Facebook’s website interface, you can enter an email address and scroll through the resulting profiles. If you know the person’s work email address, you can also find their personal Facebook page and Instagram account.

If you find a Facebook profile but no Instagram account, don’t worry; note the relevant information. Searching by name, location, education, and common friends could be helpful in the future. This information can  entered into a people search engine to see if you can locate the desired Instagram account.

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