How to Send Message Reactions on WhatsApp

One of the most long awaited features for WhatsApp to be released on May 5, 2022, is message reactions. On all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and web versions, the feature now supports six emojis. Furthermore, WhatsApp has stated that in the future, it would be adding new emojis with different skin tones. Users must take the following factors into account before using the feature.

– Only one reaction emoji can be added to a message.
– Emoji reaction counts cannot be hidden by users.
– Only the message’s sender will get the notification.
– Any reaction to the message that disappears will also disappear with the text.

How to Send Message Reactions on WhatsApp

On Android/iPhone

#1. Open the chat where you need to respond to a message in the WhatsApp app on your phone.

#2. Now, long-press the message you wish to respond.

#3. You can choose the required emoji from a pop-up that includes six possible reaction emojis.

Finally, the reaction will show up below the message that the user had previously chosen.

On Desktop or Web Version

1. Launch the web or mobile version of the WhatsApp messaging.

2. Select the message to which you wish to comment by clicking the drop-down icon.

3. Choose “React to Message” in option.

4. Choose the desired emoji from the list.

5. Below the message, the chosen reaction emoji will show up.

Change or Remove Reactions for Message

There’s a chance that a user will sometimes respond to a message by accident. Users shouldn’t fret or become concerned, though, as this process is reversible. Here’s how to edit or delete WhatsApp reactions made to a message.

On Android or iOS Devices

– The message to which the user inadvertently replied should be pushed and held by the user.
– The user can deselect the selected by the user emoji in a pop-up with six emoji.
– The reactions would now stop.
– The user has the option to choose another emoji from the list if they’d prefer.
Finally, the recently selected emoji will show up below the chosen message.

On WhatsApp Web or Desktop

– Launch the web or mobile version of WhatsApp Messenger. Below the message, previously selected emoji would be displayed.
– Next to the text you want, click the drop-down button.
– Choose “React to Message” from the menu.
– The reaction will vanish if you select an other emoji from the list before selecting it.
– In case the message reaction changes, choose an alternative emoji.
Finally, the recently selected emoji will show up beneath the chosen message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I unable to answer to WhatsApp messages?
Before replying to messages on WhatsApp, users must make sure their app is current.

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