How to Get YouTube TV Free Trial [2022]

One of the most popular streaming apps where you may watch your favorite channels in HD is YouTube TV. They offer channels in a range of categories, including sports, news, movies, and entertainment. The best thing about YouTube TV is that you can use the DVR Storage feature to record your favourite tv show, and the recorded video will be accessible for 9 months. There are no other fees that YouTube TV bills users for except subscription plans. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of YouTube TV if you want to try a premium streaming service.

You can receive up to 6 accounts and 3 streams for your family members when you subscribe to YouTube TV.

How to Get YouTube TV Free Trial [2022]

YouTube TV Subscription Plans

Users of YouTube have a choice between two subscription options.

  1. $64.99/month for the Base Plan
  2. $34.99/month for the Spanish Plan

Along with the standard subscription plans, you can also sign up for popular add-ons like

  1. $19.99/month for 4K Plus
  2. $10.99/month for Sports Plus
  3. Language Plus – $14.99 per month

How to Get YouTube TV Free Trial for 14 Days

1. Visit YouTube TV’s official site.

2. Select TRY IT FREE.

3. To use YouTube TV, you must select your Google account.

4. Type the Zip Code and press the arrow icon.

5. You can see that your subscription now includes the Base Plan. On the left side, you can see the channels that are included in the Base Plan.

6. Click the Plus icon if you have any promotion code. Apply the coupon code after that to receive any discounts.

7. Select NEXT.

8. The YouTube TV Add-ons are located on the left side. Click the box next to the Add-ons to make your selection, and then click NEXT: CHECKOUT.

9. Select either Add PayPal payment method or Add credit or debit card.

10. Add your PayPal account or enter your card information, then click START TRIAL.

Now, that YouTube TV is favourite, you may watch your popular channels’ content on your smartphone.

The ability to end your free trial term before switching to a paid plan account is another crucial feature.

How to Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial

You can cancel your YouTube TV membership at any time and from any location if you believe that the Live channels offered by YouTube TV are insufficient and unacceptable.

Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial on Computer

1. Launch your browser and go to the Youtube TV website.

2. Select your Profile from the check menu in the top right.

3. Choose Settings from the menu.

4. Select Subscription under Settings.

5. You can view the membership package to which you have committed.

6. After checking the subscriptions box, click on Membership Pause or Cancel.

7. Select Cancel Membership to end your subscription if you would like to. Click Pause if you want to temporarily pause your account.

8. Click Continue Cancelling after selecting any one reason for your cancellation.

9. To finish, click Cancel Membership once more.

Cancel Youtube Free Trial on iPhone

1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app.

2. Select your Apple ID.

3. Under the login, you can find the Subscriptions menu. Contact it.

4. Select Cancel Subscription next to Youtube TV under Subscriptions.

Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial on Android

The YouTube TV Android app has a straight cancel button for the free trial.

1. Start the YouTube TV app on your mobile device.

2. Select Membership from the Profile icon’s Settings menu.

3. Select the Cancel option by even farther scrolling down.

4. Next, select one of the cancellation reasons and then hit Continue Cancelling.

5. At the last, select Cancel Membership.

Questions and Answers

1. How long does the YouTube TV free trial last?
There is a 14-day free trial period available for YouTube TV. In order to avoid switching to a premium plan, you can also cancel your free trial at any moment.

2. Am I allowed to use the coupon for the YouTube TV free trial?
Yes. Use the YouTube TV coupon code to purchase the streaming subscription for a discounted rate.

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