How to Find IP Address on Roku [4 Ways]

The bulk of US people use the streaming device Roku. People switch to Roku from Cable TV since it offers a selection of movies and TV shows at a low network. Roku allows you to add streaming services like Disney+, Hulu, Peacock TV, and others. You can stream your favorite channels in great quality and disruptions with a stable network. The IP address of your Roku device may be useful for other reasons, though.

How to Find IP Address on Roku [4 Ways]

How to Find IP Address on Roku

There are four ways to discover your Roku’s IP address.

– Remote control
– Deploying a Mobile App
– Chrome Extension usage
– Using Router

Using Remote

1. Choose Settings with the help of the Roku control.

2. Choose Network from the Settings menu.

3. Finally, click About. It will display information about your network, like your IP address and more.

Using Mobile App

On your smartphone, download the Roku Mobile app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

1. Start the Roku mobile app first.

2. In the menu, select Devices.

3. Select the Roku device and connect it to the remote app.

4. Next, select the connected device’s three-dot icon.

5. Select See System Information. You may now view the serial number, IP address, and other info.

Using Chrome Extension

To find the IP address, you must install the Remoku plugin for Google Chrome.

1. Go to the Chrome web store after launching Chrome.

2. Enter “Remoku” in the search field.

3. From the search results, select Remoku and then click the Add to Chrome option.

4. After adding it, launch Remoku from Chrome’s Extensions menu.

5. Next, select Settings from the Remote.

6. In the Settings section, select Scan next to the How many Rokus? option. The scan will be finished soon, showing the IP address of your Roku device.

Using Router

You can quickly determine your Roku device’s IP address by router.

1. Launch a browser, go to the router’s admin URL, and log into your router account.
2. Look through the list of devices linked to your router. Your Roku device and its IP address are both visible on the list.

Questions and Answers

1. How can I find the IP address for Roku without a remote?
By linking your Roku device, you can use the Roku smartphone remote application to view the IP address without using a remote.

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