How to Clear Firefox Cache On Mobile & Desktop

Do you have any idea why your device’s Firefox browser is taking so long to load? Firefox will similarly store temporary files to enable speedy web loads. Occasionally, it may cause problems if it is corrupted or overloaded. You may regularly clear the cache on Firefox to fix that. On desktops and mobile devices, Firefox has built-in settings that make it simple to delete such files.

How to Clear Firefox Cache On Mobile & Desktop

How to Clear Firefox Cache on Windows & Mac

[1] On a Mac or a Windows pc, launch the Firefox browser, and then click the Hamburger Menu (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner.

[2] From the selection, choose Settings.

[3] In the left-side pane, select Privacy & Security.

[4] Click the Clear Data button under the Cookies and Site Data section.

[5] Select the checkbox next to Cache Web content.

[6] To clear all of the cache files from your Firefox browser, use the Clear option.

Tips: Turn on Firefox’s full-screen mode for a better surfing experience.

Set Firefox to Delete Cache Files Automatically

You can set your browser to automatically remove the cache files and data rather than having to remember to do so every time you close it.

[1] Select the Privacy & Security tab in the Firefox settings.

[2] Tap on History.

[3] Select the Use custom settings for history option from the drop-down menu next to Firefox Will.

[4] Select Settings and check the box next to Clear History When Firefox Closes.

[5] Next, choose the Cache check box and press OK.

[6] Firefox will automatically clear the files and data each time you shut the browser.

How to Clear Firefox Browser Cache on Android

[1] Start your Android device’s Mozilla Firefox browser.

[2] Select Settings from the list by clicking the three dots icon in the bottom right corner.

[3] Select Delete browsing data under the Privacy and security heading.

[4] Select the Cached Images and Files checkbox.

[5] Select Delete browsing data.

[6] After clicking DELETE to confirm, the cache files and data will be immediately removed.

How to Clear Firefox Browser Cache on iPhone

[1] Tap the Hamburger icon in the bottom right corner of your Firefox browser, then choose Settings from the list.

[2] From the Privacy section, choose Data Management.

[3] Select the Cache switch, then select Clear Private Data.

[4] To confirm your deletion, click OK.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete one website’s cache in my Firefox browser?

On the Firefox browser, you can also remove the cache files for the specific website.

1. Select the hamburger menu.
2. Click Security & Privacy.
3. Select Cookies and Site Data from the menu.
4. Choose on Manage Data.
5. Pick the desired website.
6. Click Remove selected.

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