How to Change iPhone Name Instantly in 2022

Everyone knows the complexity and quality of the iPhone in the world of smartphones. People all throughout the world love every iPhone model. When you buy a new device, its name is simple: iPhone. Any convenient name can always be changed for this one. If you have many iPhones, changing their names will make it easier for you to distinguish between them. You may rename your iPhone in a few different ways.

Note: If you rename your iPhone, all of its features—including AirDrop, Find My iPhone, iTunes, Device in iCloud, Bluetooth, and Personal Hotspot—will also be renamed. Your device’s name in Apple ID has also changed.

How to Change iPhone Name Instantly in 2022

How to Change Name on iPhone from Settings

1. Go to the Settings section of your iPhone.

2. Click on the General tab.

3. Select the Name option under About menu.

4. Click the “X” icon next to your name.

5. After changing the title, select Done.

How to Change Name of iPhone Using iTunes

1. Start by connecting your pc and iPhone.

2. Open iTunes on a Mac or Windows pc, then choose the iPhone icon in the top-left area of the window. Get the installer file from Apple’s official website if you have not already.

3. In the sidebar, click your iPhone’s name and type the new name.

4. After that, press Return to see if the name has changed.

How to Change Bluetooth Device Name on iPhone

1. Ensure that the Bluetooth item is active and wirelessly linked to your iPhone.

2. Select Bluetooth from the Settings menu on the iPhone.

3. Click the I icon next to the desired accessory.

4. After that, choose the name and then type a new name.

5. At the last, click Done.

You can adjust the iPhone name in the settings to change your iPhone’s Bluetooth name. Your Bluetooth profile will automatically update.

Questions and Answers

  • How do I change the name on my iPhone?
  • From the Settings menu or iTunes, you can change the name of your device.
  • How can I change my iPhone’s Apple ID name?
  • The name in Apple ID is changed when you change the device name in the Settings menu.
  • How can I change the name of the iPhone game core?

To change your game nickname, go to Settings, open Game Center, choose your old name, type your new name, and then come back to finish saving the changes.

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