How to Change Font on Facebook Posts and Stories

The best way about social media is that you can edit your articles anyway you like. You can change the customization option whether it comes pre-installed or comes from a third-party source. You can easily change the font on your Facebook post and stories in a similar way.

The most widely used social media site worldwide is Facebook. You must be more inventive to increase engagement for your posts given the enormous volume. Facebook posts typically use the default font, therefore by using a different font, your post may stand out among the others.

How to Change Font on Facebook Posts and Stories

Fonts on Facebook

Sadly, there was no font-changing functionality incorporated into the Facebook platform. In the Facebook and Facebook Lite apps, you cannot change the font colour or size. Lingojam is a required third-party resource. You can select from a range of typefaces in Lingojam for your Facebook posts. Copy-paste and tab switching are required steps in the procedure. As a result, we recommend using a computer for simple control.

How to Change Font on Facebook: Website

(1) Open a web browser on a Mac or Windows computer and go to the Facebook Font page for Lingojam.

(2) On the Normal text goes here… tab, type your Facebook post.

(3) The same text will now appear on the And fancy text will appear here… tab in various fonts.

(4) To view every font style, scroll down. Choose and copy the necessary font.

(5) Next, start writing a post on your Facebook profile.

(6) Copy the text from the Lingojam website and paste it.

(7) A different style of font will be provided. To post your Facebook status in a different font, click the Post button.

You can use alternative websites like FSymbols, Fancy Fonts, and Namefunk that are similar to Lingajam.

How to Change Font On Facebook: Using App

(1) Download the Fonts app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

(2) Start your smartphone’s Fonts app. Select the Enable Fonts Keyboard option for Android. Click the Go to settings option on iOS.

(3) Slide the Fonts toggle to on.

(4) The Enable Fonts Keyboard button now has a Tick mark next to it. The app will automatically launch on iOS.

(5) Launch the Facebook app, then start typing. Different typefaces will be available on the keyboard’s top row. To view more fonts, swipe left.

(6) To access various fonts on iOS devices, click the Fonts button on the left.

Note: Users may use these methods to change the font used while uploading Facebook stories.

Alternatives for the fonts app

There are many apps available to change the font on Facebook posts in addition to the Fonts app. To change the font on the Facebook post, you might try these apps: Fancy Text, Cool Fonts, and Stylish Text for Android smartphones. Apps like Font Maker, Fancy Text Generator, and Font Generator are available for iPhones. These applications will all have a similar user interface. To receive several fonts for your text, you must type it into the app. You can put the desired font into your Facebook post or article by copying it.

These are the options for altering Facebook’s font. Only a very small number of social media sites, including WhatsApp and Snapchat, support several fonts. Facebook will also get a new font function in the future. We can only hope, and in the meantime, you must use the Lingojam or the Fonts app.


1. How can I change the Facebook font on my iPhone?

On your iPhone, you can change the font used in Facebook posts using third-party apps like Font Maker.

2. How do I change the Facebook Messenger font?

It is not possible to change the font on Facebook Messenger. No in-built capability or third-party tool is offered to change the font.

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