Discord’s Playing Status: How to Customize?

When you launch a game, Discord will update your activity status. Find out how to customize changes to that Discord’s Playing Status to suit your tastes below.

Discord is a social networking service designed with gamers in mind. Many features, such as streaming support and activity status, are tailored to gamers and their requirements.

If you run a game (or any other program) in tandem with Discord, the latter will update your status to include information about the game you’re playing and how long you’ve been playing it.

Learn how to enable the activity status in Discord and customize it to your liking in the steps below.

You should enable it’s Activity Status.

You can use the activity status in Discord voice channels to let other players know that you’re currently playing a game live or indicate that you’re too busy to chat.

Only the desktop client of Discord will allow you to enable and customize the activity status. Users on mobile devices or the web version of Discord will not be able to broadcast their actions to their social networks.

Discord activity status activation entails:

  • The Settings cog next to your username is where you need to click (located at the bottom left).
  • Choose the Activity Status menu item on the left.
  • Enable the switch labeled display current activity as a status message.

Discord will usually add and add status for the games you have running on your computer, but if it doesn’t, you can always manually add it by selecting Add It.

Customize to Set the Discord’s Playing Status to Your Preferences

Some of your friends may be playing unreleased games or using mysterious software (like GTA VII). Getting the same results is quite simple if you’ve ever wondered how to do so. Follow these steps to customize the Discord playing status:

  • Initiate a process and maintain it in the background (WordPad recommended).
  • Change over to Discord and mark it as an Activity, as was previously discussed.
  • No longer will it display “No game detected,” but the program’s name will be displayed in the status bar.
  • To change the program, click it and type a new name, such as “Red Dead Redemption 3.”
  • If you update your activity status, it will reflect the change immediately.

Remember that if Discord identifies the game’s name, it will automatically add a program symbol next to the status.

Just log in to a different server and check the right sidebar to see whether your username has been updated.

Close the program or navigate to User Settings > Registered Games, then click the Cross icon next to the active status to remove the game from your group.Setting a unique status in Discord is another activity to display your current actions.

Try out some unexpected games on Discord’s Playing Status and shock your friends.

Your gaming status updates can be kept private or shared with friends and family. Ultimately, the decision rests with you, but Discord gives you that option. To further impress your Discord friends, you can play (not really) unreleased games while using a unique activity status you created for them.

Discord Games Lab is a server where you and your friends may play various casual games while chatting in public or private voice channels.

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