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Google is also introducing new Chromebook OS features alongside the launch of Chrome OS Flex. New features aim to improve the platform’s privacy and security for all users, not just those who rely on it for work. In a recent update, Google implemented a Snap Layouts-like feature called Partial Split for Chrome OS. The Verified Access API is another option for verifying and validating Chromebooks in a secure environment, making them suitable for usage in business settings. The Android feature’s privacy indicators for microphone and camera use are now available in Chrome OS. Here we provide guide-by-step instructions on how to enable Chromebook’s privacy indicators. Chrome OS now has Android’s notification feature for apps that utilize the camera or microphone without the app’s knowledge or consent. It’s a fantastic privacy feature, so turn sure you enable it. Then, let’s go right into the guide.

Enable Chromebook’s Camera and Microphone Privacy indicators (2022)

The privacy indicators are now available on Chrome OS Dev Channel (108.0.5323.0), and they require a Chrome flag to be enabled. I’ve checked both the beta and stable channels of Chrome OS, and the flag is not there. Keep an eye out; I expect to see privacy indicators available to regular users within the next two to three weeks. With that out, read on to learn how to turn Chromebook privacy indicators.

  1. You must first turn a Chrome Flag to enable privacy indicators for the camera and microphone on your Chromebook. Open Chrome, copy the address below and then hit Enter to proceed.
  2. You can immediately open the personal privacy flag “Enable Flag” from the pull-down menu.
  3. After that, select “Restart” from the Chromebook’s bottom menu to force a restart.Keep in mind that even after the restart, I recommend powering down and restarting your Chromebook. Following a soft reboot, I did not observe any indicators of compromised privacy. It is recommended to power down entirely after making any modifications.
  4. Open an app that uses the microphone and camera after the reboot, such as Google Meet. There are now privacy indicators in the Quick Settings panel’s usual location in the lower right corner. And that’s how you equip your Chromebook with privacy indicators.
  5. The good news is that Linux programs can also use privacy indicators. I tried Audacity, among the greatest recording tools, and the privacy indicator showed up right away, warning me that the microphone was being used.
  6. If you wish to turn off the Chromebook’s privacy indicators, you may do so from the same flag’s context menu. Restart your Chromebook after that is

turn off recording and capturing devices

In Chromebook, You Can Learn When the Camera or Microphone Is Being Used

Now you know how to turn Chromebook privacy indicators. In light of Chromebooks’ growing popularity, it’s encouraging to see Google bolster Chrome OS with enhanced privacy and security features. This is one of the most exciting new features if you value your privacy. Check out our in-depth post to learn more about getting the most out of Chrome OS. Here’s a comprehensive guide on enabling the Chromebook’s microphone for use with Linux programs. Last but not least, if you still have questions, please ask them here.

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