The Best Way to View Blocked Calls

If you need to enable call notifications and want to see missed calls from Blocked Calls numbers, you may do so quickly and easily by following the steps outlined in this article.

You can quickly and easily enable this option with the block list setting if you do not need to turn on the notifications.

If you want to know how to view missed calls from a blocked number, you’ve found the proper article.

How To View Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers In Extensive Detail:-

  1. If you have blocked a number using Android’s built-in functionality, you can easily receive a missed call from a blocked number.
  2. Locate a phone number or a contact address and click there.
  3. When you open your phone, you’ll notice two options at the very top: recent and contact.
  4. A missed call from a blocked number will appear in a different color than the rest of the missed calls under the current section of the screen.
  5. Use the recent tab to easily access the missed call from a blocked number on your Android device.
  6. The notification of a missed call from a blocked number will appear on the lock screen or home screen even if the blocked number is being used to make contact.
  7. The missed call from the blocked number will also appear in the recents tab of the user’s a phone or dialer app.
  8. Users can quickly and easily monitor the loss of call logs from all blocked numbers in a dedicated section of some Android devices’ block list setting within the Phone application.
  9. However, not all Android smartphones offer a different number to view call history for numbers that have  blocked.
  10. Missed calls from blocked numbers can viewed in the call log, accessed under the call settings.
  11. You may change your sim card and mobile network settings, record and forward calls, view who’s calling you, and even block unwanted callers from the call settings menu.
  12. Learn How to View Calls You Missed From Blocked Numbers
  13. To activate the notification, select the choice block list and then click the toggle next to it.
  14. Additional settings may be found on the screen’s bottom, including options to get blocked list notifications from all numbers, non-block list numbers, or never.


We’ve covered all the bases on unlocking caller IDs and viewing missed calls from a Blocked Calls number.

I hope you’ll find the information in this article useful and that the steps and method I’ve outlined for viewing missed calls from blocked numbers will be easy to execute.

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