How to Get Alexa Devices to Play YouTube Videos

Figure out how to get Alexa Devices to play YouTube videos in full video mode on the Echo Show or audio-only mode on other Echo devices.

Your Amazon Echo can play various audio items, including music and podcasts. However, the continuing dispute between Amazon and Google makes it more complex to listen to (or watch) YouTube videos on an Amazon Echo device using Alexa.

Thankfully, you can still use Alexa to watch videos on YouTube. We’ll show how to stream audio from YouTube to an Amazon Echo so that you can play music or other content available on YouTube with your smart speaker. As a bonus, we’ll show how to access YouTube videos on the Echo Show.

Play to Stream YouTube Audio/Video to Your Amazon Echo Via Bluetooth

You can’t simply tell Alexa to play a video from YouTube. Rather, you’ll need to use Bluetooth to turn your Echo into a speaker for your smartphone, tablet, or another Bluetooth-enabled device. This isn’t as well-integrated as a full link to your YouTube account or a dedicated YouTube skill, but it’s still a good choice at this time.

How to Connect Your phone to the Amazon Echo

Start “Alexa, pair Bluetooth” to get started. This will put your Echo into pairing mode. Next, you’ll need to open the Bluetooth pairing options on your phone.

On Android, you’ll find these at Settings > Connected devices. Select Pair new device, and your Echo should show up in the list shortly.

Two Screenshots of the iOS Bluetooth Speaker pair Menu Featuring Echo

To connect your Echo to your mobile device, tap the name of your Echo on iOS or Android. If requested, you can agree to share your phonebook and call log, but you don’t have to.

During our tests, Alexa kept saying that she couldn’t find any compatible devices to pair with. There was no need for alarm, though, as they paired successfully. It’s possible to use Alexa to play YouTube videos so long as your phone confirms a connection to your Echo.

Link Up Your Gear & Play Music from YouTube on Echo

Connect your phone to your Alexa Devices Echo after you’ve linked it so that you can start to audio. Saying “Alexa, connect Bluetooth” to your device will do the trick.

Since your phone and Echo have already been linked, this will cause your Echo to connect to your phone. If the connection is successful, Alexa will make a noise and announce, “Now connected to [Device Name].”

You may always manually connect using your phone if it doesn’t work. To connect your Echo to your Android, go to Settings > Connected devices and tap the name of your Echo. If you have a lot of associated devices, you should tap See all.

To pair your iPhone with your Echo, head to the Settings app and tap the Bluetooth icon. Check out our comprehensive tutorial on how to turn your Echo into a speaker if you need assistance.

Finally, you can play watching videos on YouTube with your Alexa Devices Echo!

The Echo will play whatever you start playing on your phone once you’ve synced the two devices. As such, it functions similarly to any other “dumb” Bluetooth speaker you may have used.

So, launch the YouTube app/website and play whatever tickles your fancy. If you ask Echo to play something, it will play in its entirety. Of course, you won’t be able to watch the video on YouTube if you’re using a device like the Echo, Echo Dot, or something else that’s just a speaker and not a screen. This is perfect for podcasts, presentations, and other situations where visuals aren’t crucial, but the audio is.

Increase the volume on your phone and the Echo if you’re having trouble hearing the video. Some videos might sound terrible on the Echo, depending on your Echo model and the volume of the video.

To disconnect when you’re done playing the YouTube video on your Echo, say, “Alexa, disconnect Bluetooth.” You can also go into the menus above and tap the Echo’s name to the disconnect option.

Despite its popularity, the Alexa Devices Echo has some serious drawbacks as a Bluetooth speaker.

If you connect your Echo over Bluetooth, you can only use a subset of the voice commands. The basic controls allow you to play and pause the video, advance to the next or previous frame and control the audio. You won’t be good to search for a certain video by speaking its title, but it’s better than nothing.

In addition, YouTube’s usual restrictions still apply when utilizing the phone in this fashion on a mobile device. If you turn off your screen, the video will abruptly end, which is frustrating. Read on to learn how to play YouTube videos even when the screen is turned off. Think about signing up for YouTube Premium for the quickest and easiest solution. Loading the video through a browser rather than the YouTube app is a workaround.

Adding Alexa to Your YouTube Account Implementing a Workaround

However, you can employ a more complicated workaround if you’d like more control over how YouTube is integrated with your Amazon Echo. To do so, one must first construct an Alexa skill and then use the Google Cloud Platform to gain access to videos.

It’s beyond the scope of this guide because it requires some work. If you want a comprehensive tutorial, see the video down below.

Videos Playback on the Alexa Devices Echo Show through YouTube

Following the procedures above is great for listening to YouTube audio on an Echo speaker without a screen. However, in addition to hearing YouTube videos, those with an Echo Show may also watch them. Even though there isn’t a native app, there is a simple workaround to use YouTube on the Echo Show.

If you’re using an older Echo Show, it’s good to update it to ensure the best browsing experience. If you want to update the software on your Echo Show, swipe from the top of the screen and select Settings > Device Options > Check for Software Updates.

Saying “Alexa, open YouTube” will take you to the site. Previously, this would open a window where you could show Silk as your preferred browser or a prompt to use Firefox. However, Firefox support for the Echo Show will end in May 2021.2. In this case, the Silk browser is required, and this command will open you to the mobile version of YouTube.

When YouTube is loaded on a web browser, it can be navigated in the same way as viewed on a mobile device. You can use the search bar or the tabs at the bottom to find everything you need. It’s simple, but it does the trick if you need to watch a video while waiting for something, like at the kitchen counter, because you can’t cast videos to YouTube from your phone like you can with the TV YouTube apps.

No voice commands will function, but you may tell Alexa to search for something specific, like “play Drew Gooden on YouTube,” and she will do just that. By doing so, you can reduce the number of taps necessary to find what you’re after.

Have Fun Watching Videos on YouTube With Alexa Devices’s Echo

You shouldn’t get one of the Echo devices if you’re a huge YouTube watcher. The compatibility could be more seamless with Google’s products or other popular operating devices.

However, following these steps, you can use Alexa Devices to play music from YouTube or watch videos on your Amazon Echo. It’s convenient for occasional use, such as listening to a podcast or watching a culinary demonstration. Why not check out some additional cool Alexa commands for use with other programs next?

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