30 9Anime Alternatives To Watch Anime Online 2022

A well-known and frequently updated free anime streaming site is 9Anime. It allows users to watch premium anime for free and spans various genres. And there are many websites similar to 9Anime on the Internet that you may add to your collection of anime websites. If 9Anime is down or if you want to shift to a different streaming website. However, finding a 9Anime replacement is a good idea. Given that the largest name in the business, Kissanime, passed away before its ninth year.

Is 9anime safe?

There is no obvious answer to the question of whether 9anime is safe or not. However, regardless of their site, users should exercise caution when streaming content online. Knowing what may go wrong is always a good idea before clicking any links.

On the website 9Anime Alternatives, users can watch anime movies and episodes. Although streaming content online has some hazards, it is not necessarily risky. Inadvertently, malware and viruses can be downloaded onto devices when streaming from unauthorized sources, for instance. Furthermore, unsecured networks may find it easy for hackers to access users’ sensitive information.

Where happened 9Anime go?

Too bad 9anime is no longer accessible. There hasn’t been any activity on the website in a few months. There is no indication that it will resume. It’s a shame, considering 9anime was among the best websites for watching anime online.

30 9Anime Alternatives To Watch Anime Online 2022

1. Animeheaven


A haven for anime lovers is AnimeHeaven, an alternatives to 9Anime. It covers a broad selection of anime programs and TV shows, both old and current. The discovery of anime is aided by well-crafted and well-defined search criteria. Whether you like English dubs or Japanese audio with English subtitles, AnimeHeaven has everything you require. Many servers are accessible for anime viewing to ensure a smooth and quick loading experience.

2. AnimeVibe


A further alternatives to 9Anime The priority of AnimeVibe is fast and ad-free anime viewing. All genres are included in its collection, and numerous notable works, including 9Anime, may be found here. A popular place to catch up on well-liked TV series and movies is AnimeVibe.

3. Animeland


Anime fans who are used to watching dubbed anime are catered to by Animeland. Some well-known shows are dubbed to users on this website in dub form, and fresh episodes are frequently uploaded. The website also offers viewers the option to download episodes for offline watching. The range of video resolutions is 480p to 1080p. It’s a fantastic alternatives to 9Anime.

4. GoGoAnime


Gogoanime is a comprehensive anime website containing classic and recent releases, dubbed. Subtitled anime, quick loading, and a download option. It is easy to find anime on Gogoanime because of its intuitive navigation interface and sizable anime collection 9Anime Alternatives. In addition, Gogoanime guarantees. That new episodes are consistently supplied to satisfy the demand for more recent anime series and movies from viewers. On this page, you can also buy Chinese Donghua. The top website to watch anime online in 2022 is GogoAnime, similar to 9Anime.

5. AnimeFreak


Numerous dubbed and subtitled anime episodes are available on AnimeFreak. Ranging from current shows from 2022 to long-running classic anime that you might have started watching as a child. The website’s navigation menu is crushed in the top left corner. Using the popular criteria, AnimeFreak gives you access to ongoing, recent, well-liked, and other genres of anime content. It’s the greatest alternative for 9Anime.

6. Masterani


A further alternative to 9Anime The most well-known anime website that uses the Masterani domain name is masterani. Me. Nevertheless, Masterani. I have been shut down. Masterani. one is one of the stations you should check if you’re seeking a Masterani website. It has several anime movies and TV shows arranged by genre, year of release, and A-Z alphabet.

7. AnimeDao


Many people have found to their dismay, that most free anime websites feature a lot of pop-ups and advertisements. Yet this is how a free website can stay online and be maintained. AnimeDao is one of the websites that, thankfully, may still offer a less upsetting viewing experience. This 9Anime rival provides a user-friendly user interface with fewer advertisements.

But be cautious of the pop-ups on the video player page. Its collection of anime, meanwhile, is substantial enough to meet the needs of numerous anime fans. AnimeDao often adds new videos, and its straightforward search options make. It’s a fantastic alternatives to 9Anime.

8. Anime


A further alternatives to 9Anime, dubbed and subtitled anime, is available on the website. Nearly 2000 anime are currently available on Animeultima. Anime fans can use the search filters and quick search options to explore anime series and films. But registration is required to view the complete list of anime. Several anime servers are available through Animeultima, and users can stream videos up to 1080p resolution. The capability to switch between dubbed. Subtitled video versions directly on the video player page sets Animeultima apart from other sites like 9anime.

9. Animepahe


A further alternatives to 9Anime Only, the most recent releases are noted on AnimePahe’s home page. Which is incredibly simple and devoid of fancy filters. To find an anime series, you can either use the search bar or the anime index page. On AnimePahe, most of the anime is subtitled, and the highest resolution is 1080p. Additionally enables you to save anime to a local folder. To improve your viewing experience, an ad-blocker plugin should be useful.

10. AnimeTV


Another excellent resource for anime fans is AnimeTV, an alternatives to 9Anime. Most anime on AnimeTV has Japanese audio subtitled in its original majority. You can switch to any other servers that are accessible for that episode if there is no response. Below each video on AnimeTV is a download option.

11. Animixplay


With a popular collection of well-known anime continually streaming and new releases, Animixplay is a promised paradise for anime fans. Also, Animixplay can satisfy people who have high standards for quality. You can switch between servers to watch episodes in either dubbed or subtitled form if there are numerous servers available. Most importantly, there are no pop-ups or advertisements. The best alternatives to 9Anime is Animixplay.

12. 4anime


4Anime is regarded by many fans of anime as a must-see location. Because of its extensive Internet presence, vast collection, user-friendly search options. Quick stream access, we’ve included it in our list of sites similar to 9Anime. The majority of the updates on 4anime are 1080p anime with English subtitles.

13. Animekisa


A quick, ad-free, and high-quality anime viewing experience is what Animekisa concentrates on offering. Additionally, it can take care of 99 percent of your worries 9Anime Alternatives. Along with original anime with English subtitles, Animeksia offers a significant selection of dubbed titles. On Animekisa, downloading is possible for all videos. Animekisa is the best choice for quick and seamless streaming compared to the other options on the list.

14. Anime-Planet


A further alternatives to 9Anime For anime lovers, anime enthusiasts established the website Anime-Planet. The website is committed to giving users access to free, legal anime and manga. A discussion area for these media. Anime-Plant is an oddity in that many episodes are free to view thanks to partnerships with Crunchyroll and HIDIVE.

Most legal streaming websites require a paid subscription to access their content. Not all nations may have access to all anime content 9Anime Alternatives. Go to an anime’s information page and look for a “Watch online now” section with all of the anime’s episodes listed below. Its summary to see if it’s available in your area.

15. Animelab


A further alternatives to 9Anime Australian and New Zealand residents can access the legal streaming site AnimeLab. There are currently 751 series and movies in its media collection, with many recent releases with thousands of episodes. The AnimeLab basic plan is free. However, users can only view a portion of the site’s features and a finite amount of anime videos. For Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Telstra TV, and other devices, AnimeLab is accessible.

16. Netflix


A well-known subscription-based video streaming service with popular video feeds is Netflix. Netflix Anime is a collection of famous and popular anime series. Since Netflix is a premium streaming service 9Anime Alternatives, one of its three subscription tiers is required to watch its video library. Additionally, some anime on Netflix might not be unavailable in your location due to region restrictions. Fans in America, for instance, are currently unable to watch Kimi No Na Wa on Netflix.

17. Funimation


One of the leading outlets in the industry for anime dubbing is commonly regarded as Funimation. A website devoted to the genre. Its large library of content features various original programs and movies 9Anime Alternatives. Additionally, Funimation offers three subscription plans with different costs and advantages.

18. Crunchyroll


Funimation vs. Crunchyroll is a topic that is always being discussed. However, since the former has already been stated, there is a compelling argument for including Crunchyroll. The anime streaming site has more than 1,000 anime titles in its library 9Anime Alternatives, including some obscure and well-known titles.

Crunchyroll offers free streaming, but you must put up with advertisements and a small number of anime movies. There are numerous premium plans offered for different types of customers. The greatest site to watch anime online is similar to 9Anime.

19. Hulu


Another well-known subscription video-on-demand service is Hulu, with monthly rates beginning at $5.99. Although Hulu seems to place anime less attention if you want to watch a dubbed version of an anime that isn’t available on other platforms 9Anime Alternatives. Hulu is the place to go.

20. Amazon Prime Video


You might wonder why Prime Video is on our list of 9Anime alternatives. In all seriousness, it might be a better alternative if you simply want to legally view and keep a few of your favorite anime series or films on your devices. Especially for casual viewers loyal to a certain title. To decide which one to purchase. You can read customer reviews and production summaries. You can even buy collector’s edition box sets. The prices are typically reasonable when compared to other similar sites.

21. Fan of anime

fan of anime

It’s a great location to watch Kissanime films and anime. The newest episodes are additionally accessible online in dubbed and subtitled versions. The AniWatcher website has a user-friendly layout. HD video is available on this website 9Anime Alternatives.

22. Interfaces A-Z


The security of this website is flawless. The website’s A-Z layout offers a user-friendly interface. It has a big collection of movies, TV shows, comic comics, and anime entertainment. Numerous versions have been dubbed and dubbed. It is regarded as an alternatives to the 9Anime.

They cover suspense, romance, anime, horror, and action. High-quality videos are available on this website 9Anime Alternatives. You can rate and vote on this website after watching cartoons and anime episodes. You don’t need to register to use the site.

23. Cartoons by Kim


KIMCartoon is a website similar to Kiss Anime, another website like 9Anime. On our website, you can also watch your favorite anime series for free online. To access this site, you must first log in or register. This website’s content is all in high definition. A list of the most recent updates to the anime series is also provided on the site. You can also request your favorite anime to report any errors. As a result, I think the best anime websites are ones like Kiss Anime.

24. Kissmanga


If you’re looking for anything comparable to Kiss Anime, here is the site. This is an anime website offering a popular selection of fresh and well-liked anime. This website is safe to use. On this website, you must also log in or register. This website’s good feature is that it offers a variety of anime.

Additionally, they frequently download an anime list for broadcast. We can therefore say that this website is comparable to anime. It is a great replacement for 9Anime.

25. OtakuStream


OtakuStream is another website devoted to anime. Right here, you can watch your favorite anime in HD online. The anime is also available in English. On the home page, the episodes of the main anime series are simply arranged. The best anime series are available on this website. The site is safe and cost-free to use. So check out this website if you like places that resemble kissing anime. Watching anime online in 2022 is a fantastic alternatives for 9Anime.

26. Smooch Asians


Similar to Kissanime, Kiss Asians is a website. The most recent anime movies and episodes are available to watch right now. On this website 9Anime Alternatives, you can also request your favorite TV shows and anime and report problems. HD videos are offered on this website. This website is malware-free and ad-free. Additionally, you may use our website to look for websites that are similar to Kiss Anime. If the Kiss Anime website is unavailable where you are.

27. Anime karma


You will surely find something to your favor regardless of age, and vice versa. Due to its extensive library 9Anime Alternatives, it has gained a lot of admirers.

28. TubiTV


One of the best 9Anime Alternatives sites is indeed TUBITV Kissing. These websites had the same sites as anime websites because they featured kissing. These sites are updated weekly with new air shows, blockbuster movies, and classical movies.

29. Stremio


Both Stremio and TUBI TV offer apps for iOS and Android users. Information about Stream Additionally, desktop software is accessible. Because some users dislike the anime movies on the site 9Anime Alternatives, stream software is offered. They are the greatest alternative for such people who are constantly in need of software.

The best part about Streams is that none of their software or programs contain any advertisements. Stremio will offer all movies. Television series from around the world in addition to anime movies and television episodes.

30. Animebam


Popular anime and Asian dramas are increasingly available on Animebam. The site seems similar to 9Anime Alternatives in terms of appearance. Almost all of the anime that is available here has English subtitles. In addition, many well-known shows. Including One Piece, are accessible with English subtitles. Users of Animebam can share their favorite episodes with their loved ones, friends, and acquaintances. The attacks can also be downloaded for offline viewing at a later time. The existence of various misleading advertisements on this website is its lone drawback. The Animebam, though, is worth a look.


These websites offer high-definition 9Anime Alternatives anime content that you may watch and download indefinitely. They don’t have any malicious components. Damage your device or expose your personal information 9Anime. Use any of the websites above to enjoy watching anime online. You can include any questions you may have in your comment.

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