7 Quick Fixes “Steam Update Stuck” Problem

Learn how to fix the Steam update stuck problem in this article. Follow the step-by-step tested and proven steps to rapidly improve. The issue and download the Steam update without encountering any problems. The most popular platform for organizing different games and apps is called Steam. Additionally, the Steam client for games receives updates regularly. However, many users need help installing the updates. Users have complained that after installing an update on Steam and restarting it. The Steam update hangs or becomes stuck permanently.

Well, several users were able to fix the problem by removing Steam files and installing them. Nevertheless, for many others, the issue is still present. If you experience the Steam stuck on checking for available updates error or any other matters listed below. Use the solutions provided to fix the issue in your specific situation.

Take a look at some of the linked issues that the solutions fixed below could potentially resolve:

1: The first issue is the Steam update becoming stuck and stopping. Making it impossible for users to terminate the download. Try restarting Steam, or click Steam to go offline before pressing Exit.

2: Steam update stuck at 100 – Try restarting your computer. Clearing the download cache to fix the Steam update stuck at 99 or 100.

3: The Steam update takes an eternity – Turn off your third-party security program. Check your internet connection to fix the issue with Steam becoming stuck in the update cycle. However, if the problem with Steam not updating games is still unresolved, try the fixes listed below.

4: Steam download stuck – Change the download area to fix the steam download stuck problem. Steam’s content is divided into regions. So if a particular region’s server is slow. Briefly switch to a new area to utilize a different server to download the update.

5: Steam an error occurred when updating – Users frequently see this error while installing or updating to fix it. Repair the library folder, delete the download cache, or try loading with administrative permissions

These are the typical error messages associated with stuck Steam updates. Fortunately, the solutions outlined below can be used to resolve these issues. However, before beginning with these solutions. Look at any potential causes that may be fixed to the problem.

My Steam Update Is Stuck; Why?

Steam Update Is Stuck

Since there is not a single cause for the problem, let us check at some of the prevalent ones:

  • The request was unable to be fulfilled because the Steam server was offline.
  • Due to the corrupted Steam files, the Internet connection is not functioning properly, stopping the update from downloading.
  • If you lack administrative rights, it may be the cause.
  • The security program is preventing the Steam update.

These are typical causes of the Steam update issue when it is stuck or will not download. To solve the problem in your situation, apply each of the suggested solutions.

How can I fix the “Steam Update Stuck” problem?
Fix 1 – Proposed Solutions

Proposed Solutions

  • I suggest restarting Steam and the computer to solve typical glitches and errors.
  • If your internet is slow, check to ensure your internet connection is functioning properly.
  • If the update is blocking downloading, temporarily disable the third-party antivirus product.

Try installing the update once more to see. Whether the Steam update stuck problem has been resolved; otherwise, move on to the next remedy.

(Fix 2). Open Steam as an administrator

Open Steam as an administrator

Users claim that if Steam does not have admin privileges, Steam also becomes stuck updating. So be sure to make the client an administrator.

Follow the suggested steps to do this:

  • To access the Steam Folder, press the Windows key + E, then open the Steam Folder.
  • Next, right-click the exe file in the Software folder and select Properties.
  • Now click Run as administrator from the Compatibility menu.
  • Stuck Steam Update
  • Click the Apply button, then select OK.
  • To close the window, click OK.

Fix 3 – Clear Download Cache of Steam

Clear Download Cache of Steam

Clear the Steam Download Cache to resolve difficulties with Steam updates stuck at 99 or 100 or not downloading.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • On the left side, select Downloads by clicking Steam > Settings.
  • When Steam fails to recognize installed games, click Clear Download Cache.
  • Following clearing the cache, log back into Steam by pressing the OK button on the
  • Clear Download Cache dialogue box.

To resolve the issue, see whether this is effective for you.

Fix 4 – Delete the Package Folder

Delete the Package Folder

As previously indicated, when the update package files become corrupted, the Steam update may hang or become stuck.

Therefore, removing the Package folder is worthwhile. Because it will allow Steam to download once more and resolve the issue with the stuck update.

Follow the directions provided:

  • Close Steam, then press Windows key + E to launch File Explorer.
  • With Windows 10, run Scandisk.
  • Afterwards, open the Steam directory in File Explorer.
  • Now use the copy and paste button to backup the package folder to a different path (if
  • anything goes wrong, then you can place it back)

After you have deleted the package folder, launch Steam and some files will download and open. Now, right-click the package folder and delete it.
See if this resolves the Steam stuck updating issue for you.

Fix 5: Edit the host file to change the content server for Steam

Edit the host file to change the content server

Steam will become stuck checking for updates when it cannot connect to the Steam server. Therefore, you must carefully follow the instructions to update the host’s File.

  • In the search box, click Start > and enter “Notepad.”
  • Right-click Notepad and select the option to “Run as administrator.”
  • Click Open Steam Update Stuck from the File menu.
  • Browse to C: > Windows > System32 > drivers > etc. in the open window, select the txt file, and then click the Open button.
  • At the end of the hosts’ File, type the following three lines:
  •, 142.122.70
  • 111.128.6
  • at 111.128.7
  • To save the changes, click File> Save.
  • Stuck Steam Update
  • Then close the Notepad.

Afterwards, right-click the Start button, select Run, and then open the Run window

Fix 6. Turn off Windows Defender Firewall to complete Steam Update Stuck

Turn off Windows Defender Firewall

The third-party security application, as has already been mentioned, may prevent the Steam update from installing. Additionally, see if Windows Defender Firewall is active because it could cause the Steam update to become stuck.

Therefore, be sure to disable Windows Defender Firewall by following these instructions:

  • Enter “Firewall” in the search bar and select Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Not downloading or stuck on a Steam update.
  • Go to the left pane and click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.
  • Not downloading or stuck on a Steam update.
  • Select both radio buttons to turn off Windows Defender Firewall, then click OK.
  • Check whether turning off Windows Defender Firewall fixes the issue. Then you must add Steam to the list of apps that Windows Defender Firewall permits.
  • Click Allow an app or feature via Windows Defender Firewall to make it happen.
  • Not downloading or stuck on a Steam update
  • Click the Change settings button after that.
  • Not downloading or stuck on a Steam update.
  • To open the window, click Browse and open the Bin subdirectory under the Steam folder.
  • Not downloading or stuck on a Steam update.
  • Now select SteamService, click OK, select Steam Client Service in the Add a Program box and press the Add button.
  • After selecting both checkboxes for the Steam Client Service, click OK.
  • I hope this solves your problems with the Steam update not downloading or getting stuck.

Fix7. Clean Boot Your Windows

Clean Boot Your Windows

Clean Windows booting is advised if none of the abovementioned solutions works for you. This assists you in avoiding conflicts while updating Steam games with third-party programs or services.

So, proceed as follows to do so:

  • You can open System Configuration by pressing Windows + Enter, typing MSConfig, and clicking OK to open System Configuration.
  • Select the Selective startup option under the General tab. Check the box for Load system services, and then uncheck the box for Load startup items.
  • Not downloading or stuck on a Steam update.
  • Afterwards, click Disable all under the Services tab, and then check the box next to Hide all Microsoft services.
  • Finally, in order to save the changes, click OK and Apply.
  • A dialogue box then appears, from which you can select to restart.


1. Why is My Steam Download Stuck?

Because the download server you choose or the internet connection is not functioning properly, the steam client will not download. A third-party security application may also be blocking the download from occurring.

How Can I fix My Steam Download From Stopping?

Clear the Steam download cache, restore the Library folder. Change the download region as the Steam server may be slow. Overloaded to fix the Steam downloads starting and stopping issue.

How Can I skip a Steam Game Update?

Although Steam is configured by default to install game updates automatically. You can disable this feature by doing specific actions. Such as going to the Steam Library after installing a game. Right-clicking the game’s name, selecting Properties, and then selecting the Updates tab. Change Automatic Updates to This game will not automatically update now. Moreover, you can halt Steam’s automatic updates with this method.

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Ensure you follow the fixes provided and quickly install the update on Steam.

I sincerely hope this essay was beneficial to you. You may also visit our Game Section portal for information on game bugs and errors.

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